Anderson: Hunt or no hunt, wolf will thrive

  • Article by: DENNIS ANDERSON , Star Tribune
  • Updated: January 12, 2012 - 10:54 PM

This is bad news for those who think that declaring open season on the creature will benefit whitetail numbers.

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voner26Jan. 13, 12 9:43 AM

It will benefit the deer where we hunt as there won't be as many around to attack,kill and partially eat them when they yard up. We have seen this more than once in the past during deep snow winters. Now I have no desire to kill wolves or seen them killed just to kill them, but its long overdue for managed control of them. I can not agree phisophically with those that say without proof that they only kill the weak and sickly. Get out in the woods where the deer yard up year after year and count the slaughtered ones, adults and young alike. Its finally time for some solid managed control of these preadators. Based upon my years of experience in hunting and trapping we are seeing more and more of them move in without them showing any fear of man. This in my opinion is becoming dangerous to man and wolves alike. Right now they are in danger because they have lost their fear. I for one am in favor of sensible methods of controlling them.

duckhunter97Jan. 13, 1210:06 AM

Good article Dennis! We have hunted Coyote on our farm in SE MN for 20 years. It is true the more you kill the more they breed and reproduce. These animals are built for survival and we are not gonna affect the overall population much at all. Secondly, the deer hunters who complain about low deer numbers are goona be excited to try to kill the wolves that are eating their deer, however the same ones that say there are no deer and don't see a thing will last about a day hunting wolves! These things will be next to impossible to kill!!

gutshotJan. 13, 1210:12 AM

This great debate will never resolve itself.

pdf123Jan. 13, 1210:25 AM

I thought it was a silly piece, just more of Anderson beating up on the DNR. We should celebrate the fact that this issue was settled without too much acrimony, unlike in the West. I am not opposed to killing wolves, in fact I could see myself doing it, but...during deer season, I'm trying to kill deer that I want to eat. If a wolf were to go by my stand I'd probably raise my rifle and end up not firing cuz I don't want the distraction. I thought it was a little bit irrational - wolf-hating, talking about deer being chewed to bits by wolves. Big deal! That's what we do when we kill a deer. It is accurate that this will defy both the hunters who hope this will help deer hunting, and irrational wolf-lovers who think it's the end of the species. Wolves are hard to kill. This new set-up will be the best for livestock owners and pet owners, and will reduce human-wolf conflict and wolf habituation.

viktorvaughnJan. 13, 1210:44 AM

Aren't whitetailed deer a non-native species throughout much of the northwoods? Given their effects on the eco-system, why would the DNR strive to increase their population?

dugie45Jan. 13, 1211:22 AM

Great article Mr. Anderson, but there was no mention of trapping. Trapping is the only sensible way to control the wolf population. It worked years ago, and almost depleted the wolf population. The wolf has the best sense of smell, best eyes and much more alert in the wild then any other animal in Minnesota,and hunting with firearms wouldn't do much to the overpopulation we have in Northern Mn. Trapping by well experienced trappers would. For the last two years we have had a doe permit limit of 100. We have one of the largest permit areas and one of the lowest permits offered in the state. I saw many wolf tracks this year, but saw no bucks after spending more then sixty hours in the woods. (mostley sitting on a stand) I have been hunting for over 50 years, and this is the only year I haven't gotten a nice buck in the last four years, so I do know how to hunt. Trapping and auctioning off the hides could pay the trappers for their work and make a nice profit, that could be used for other controls and the improvement of deer habitat. Deer numbers are so low in the area around Int'l Falls, the only way to improve those numbers may be to import deer from deer farms or over populated areas. With the right management, the herd numbers will improve. But even with mild winters, less wolf pressure and no disease kill, will take a few years to do so.

ankapolJan. 13, 12 1:01 PM

Make corn feeding legal during the hunting season. Charge $10 per feeder per year. Also, ask hunters if they wish to contribute $2 to deer habitat management practices (including wolf control)? Make this question optional. Open the wolf season right after muzzleloader!

lloyd55423Jan. 13, 12 1:53 PM

Many commenters on here need to spend a little time in the woods before they put pen to paper. As for me, I've been hunting the great north woods for many a year, and believe you me, there are far more wolves now than therez ever used to be, and they are more brazen than ever. And their effect on deer populations is remarkable - in recent years, our deer hunting party of twelve is lucky if we take anywhere from four to two deer in a given season, and we hunt as hard as ever and drink less than we did in our younger days. I think there's a clear lesson in this for all of use.

tmbrcruiserJan. 13, 12 4:21 PM

I'll give you credit, you've begun to at least try to write objective articles. Ya gotta watch that circular logic though. Wolves can withstand hunting pressure - deer cannot. State should manage for high deer populations - even in areas of poor habitat. All these articles about DNR ineptitude remind me of a story told by Ben Franklin; A man and his son were traveling to a market town with an ass they had to sell. The road was muddy and the boy walked ahead while the old man rode. The first travelers they met called the old man a poor parent for suffering his son to walk in the mud while he rode. After the man pulled his son up behind him in the saddle, they met a group who berated them for their cruel treatment of the ass to overload him on such a miserable road. The old man got down and walked behind, but the next company they passed castigated the son for riding while his poor aged father struggled in the mire. The son dismounted and they proceeded together leading the ass. They next passersby Laughed and proclaimed them a couple of ignorant boobs for walking when they had a perfectly good ass to ride. The father turned to his son and said, I can stand no more of this. Let us throw this ass over the next bridge and be done with him. Such is the lot of a public resource manager.

TNELSON2003Jan. 13, 12 4:31 PM

If we encourage larger numbers of deer in northern MN & they come with their brainworm which infects & kills moose, then we will lower moose numbers even more. Then isnt having lower deer numbers up north a better thing & more towards the historical average for deer? Shouldnt we try to maintain animal populations in the traditional areas where they have always lived? If you live in an area that never supported big deer numbers, you shouldnt try to expand those numbers without seeing what effect you are having on that area. Timber people are having problems re-growing red & white pine because the higher deer numbers are eating the seedlings as fast as they plant them. You want a lot of deer, come on down to the cities, we are over-run with them...


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