Xcel told to bury new power lines across south Minneapolis

  • Article by: STEVE BRANDT , Star Tribune
  • Updated: January 12, 2012 - 11:15 PM

PUC decision protects south Minneapolis greenway, but doesn't say how to cover extra $13.6 million cost.

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henriknJan. 12, 1210:32 PM

It looks to me like MPUC realized, and rightly so, that the cheapest alternative (e.g. above ground lines) would have a detrimental impact on a zone that is at the heart of urban development and renewal extending from Uptown through Lyn-Lake and beyond to Midtown – namely the Midtown Greenway and the adjacent tracts of land. More citizens should champion good design and forward thinking over lowest cost solutions. A strong, renewed urban zone south of downtown will have a huge impact on the overall health of the city, and by default, the larger regional and state economies. The additional capacity this power line will provide will help ensure a stable electric grid for an area far beyond the immediate vicinity of the actual power line. The costs to achieve that should not be shouldered only by those properties nearest to it.

mankato58Jan. 12, 1210:37 PM

Eight comments on the story, and most said Minneapolis should pay for their own lines and installation, so what does the Star Tribune do? Why they reset and dump everything of course. Maybe now they will get comments that say all of us in out state would be glad to foot the bill for this area of Minneapolis.

vesta44Jan. 12, 1211:01 PM

What do you want to bet that if Excel is allowed to raise rates to pay for this, that when it's paid for, rates won't go back down? Excel will figure that people will be so used to paying that extra amount that they will have forgotten WHY they are paying it and will continue to pay it without complaint. Sorry, that will not fly with this consumer who lives 2 hours away from Minneapolis and avoids the city if at all possible.

liberaleliteJan. 12, 1211:05 PM

hey mankato58, this is just a slice of payback for rural electrification back in the 30s. heh heh heh. anyways good choice PUC!

boozer97Jan. 13, 1212:21 AM

Activist needed for the Shorewood, Excelsior, Greenwood and Deepahven bike trail lines. Excel want to boost the power along the bike trail and put up bigger towers and string lines.... but the lines do not feed that area. EXCEL needs to bury these lines aswell. they will ruin that views from the bike trail and you will hear that buzzing all the time. Get Active against Xcel Energy.

boozer97Jan. 13, 1212:50 AM

Callthe City office at 952-474-6633 to complain about the overhead wires that XCel are going to upgrade on the bike trail in the EXCELSIOR area by lake minnetonka. Xcel should have to bury these aswell.

boozleJan. 13, 12 2:31 AM

Thank you for saving the Greenway!

bikemilesJan. 13, 12 3:59 AM

The Crime-way started out as a utility corridor so the overhead lines should be "grandfathered" in. There is also an extra charge for underground lines in places like the suburbs. If the Crime-way want buried wires the area should pay for them.

lordhawhaw1Jan. 13, 12 5:18 AM

Quite so liberalelite. Although I suspect that Minneapolitans back in 1930's might have supported that tax. How else could those cityfolk communicate with the farmers and ranchers in order to purchase food to fill their bellies? I can find no surprise that folks whose guiding ethos in life are; "Tax the other guy", "Cradle to grave entitlements" and "You owe me a living", are once again advocating that someone else take care of them.

radgrad63Jan. 13, 12 5:46 AM

Living in West Hennepin County, I wouldn't mind paying that fee. My electric bill is already so high, what's another $12?


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