Wild second half opens with dud

  • Article by: MICHAEL RUSSO , Star Tribune
  • Updated: January 8, 2012 - 8:44 AM

Instead of getting back on track, it was more of the same, punctuated by old nemesis Jarome Iginla's 500th goal.

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firefly70Jan. 7, 12 9:44 PM

Would love for Zach Parise to end up in Minnesota - a relatively young player who can score and can be put out on the ice in any situation, i.e. PP, PK. Not sure if it will happen; for some reason Minnesota is still not a place that a lot of bigger name players want to come to. Seriously, when's the last time anyone has heard/read about a star player stating he would love to play for the Wild?

floridascottJan. 8, 1212:32 AM

I just knew that when Mikko got back and healthy the Wild would be able to rely on his leadership as the Captain to get the them back were they were before. It turns out I was correct. The Wild appear to be headed to the 12th place Western Conference finish that he led them to last year or maybe even the 13th place finish he led them to in 2010. We sure are lucky to have had his leadership in the past 3 years.

cfgfsmJan. 8, 12 1:08 AM

Fletcher needs to remember prospects are called prospects for a reason. Now he apparently infures we are building for the future. Go after Parise with a package and offer him a 3 year contract. We can give up a goalie a couple of d and a prospect.

washburnlkJan. 8, 12 1:50 AM

Scottie, you really should seek counseling on your Mikko-phobia issue. You conveniently neglect to mention the same leadership had this team unexpectedly number one overall for a lengthy portion of the first half. The fact of the matter is that the team over achieved it's talent level and is feeling the effect. If MK is the reason for the fall, you have to credit him with the earlier rise as well. In my humble opinion the lack of leadership will be Fletchers if he doesn't make some moves to aquire some scoring. Go Wild!

BCanniffJan. 8, 12 4:34 AM

This is getting ridiculous. Do something Fletcher before it is too late.

firefly70Jan. 8, 12 5:49 AM

I know there have been plenty of people who wish Fletcher would do something, but it's kind of hard to say where to begin. Yes, this team could really use another (if not 3 or 4) goal scorers, but at what price? And while it seems obvious the Wild should try and trade Backstrom and his outrageous salary, are there really any teams out there that would be desperate enough (or stupid enough?) to take on his big contract? Especially considering his futility in shootouts? There's a few teams that are currently in the playoff picture that seem to have some goaltending questions, i.e. Dallas Stars, Philadelphia Flyers, but do they have and would they be willing to give up what the Wild want? Should the Wild trade Mikko Koivu? A solid two-way player that most teams would like, but again, his oversized contract would make most teams balk at a trade. Pierre-Marc Bouchard? Sure he can be a really good playmaker at times; but he has only 1 year left on his contract, hasn't always been consistent in his point production, plus, other teams might be concerned about his history of concussions. Trade Dany Heatley? It appears he IS on the downward trend of his career. Currently he is on pace to have the lowest point total for a full season. Plus (and this is a BIG one), his enormous contract. People talk about Mikko possibly being overpaid? So far this season, Heatley is definitely overpaid! I doubt there is any team that would want to take on the remainder of his contract. Point is, it appears it would take a least a couple of trades to make enough of a difference for the Wild for this season, but there aren't enough bargaining chips to deal with. I think Fletcher is smart enough now to realize he shouldn't mortgage the future to try and salvage what is possibly a lost season. Besides, even IF the Wild make it to the playoffs, does anyone think they really have a chance against the likes of Vancouver, Chicago, Detroit, or San Jose? Honestly?

elmore1Jan. 8, 12 7:02 AM

They played 10 minutes of inspired hockey. The first and last 5. Should have turned it off after the first 5 minutes....

misternoallJan. 8, 12 7:04 AM

this has nothing to do with talent but rather focus from how this team wishes to play and become. Every time you change ownership/management it takes time for a team to become what the new owner/gm wants it to be. Surely that is easy to see with the Vikings and how about the initial wish of Fletch to turn Schultz into Paul Coffey, I think you all get the point....... Releasing Ziblichky would be the first step to getting back to the winning ways, all it takes is one guy to pull a team off the tracks, it had nothing to do with talent because the Wild have enough talent, don't think they do ? Look at Boston or St Louis and go up and down the roster to compare, no stars..... For the Koivou piece of this and him leading the team, what is he 27 ? you going to put him in control of 200 million dollar team

mgalaforetJan. 8, 12 7:13 AM

I just knew when Russo said yesterday that he was going to have some comments, that Fletcher was going to insult my intelligence with his canned responses. Fletch, if you extrapolate the current trends to Feb 24, wouldnt the Wild be in, or near last place in the entire NHL? If that's the plan, fine. Just have some guts to publicly say it so all fans can adjust our plans, watching, listening, and spending. BTW folks, not all prospects pan-out, and you also accumulate them for bargaining chips. Floridascott, the first line scored last night, and MK had a helper. How did your unknown Captain of the Wild do last night? Unless its Heatley or Seto, it looks like jack-squat, just like last game. Yeo and Fletch, you have the bonding session before the beginning of the season, and you needed another in beautiful Banff? Now bring the Dad's along? Seems like the last two are the types of things you reward players with. Fletch, ask yourself since you need some help I'm guessing, how many losses will likely occur between now and when you expect Lats to return to the line-up. Why does PMB need to wait to be re-evaluated to when he gets back to the Twin Cities? It took 2:12 before Teerhar mentioned "Mn-born." He did spice it up a bit with Cullen later-on. Beside the usual city, state, college, he added his age. Next step in this progession will go something like, "current Mn resident, off-season Welland, Ontario, Canada resident, Cal Clutterbuck..." The Wild hired defensemen-guru Rick Wilson several years ago. Is there a time-delay for the guru part to start taking effect?

knight63Jan. 8, 12 7:24 AM

Nothing will change, from an ownership view in terms of shakimg things up, until, or unless, they start losing money. i.e. empty seats. Other than Columbus, these guys are about as fun to watch as a checker tournament.


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