Vikings told Arden Hills not workable

  • Article by: BAIRD HELGESON , Star Tribune
  • Updated: January 9, 2012 - 9:24 AM

Lawmakers' advice has the team taking a fresh look at Minneapolis sites, including near the basilica.

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trevectorJan. 7, 1210:30 PM

Arden Hills is the superior site for the fans. Don't mess this up Dayton and legislature.

jonnoJan. 7, 1210:32 PM

Why not declare eminent domain over the six square blocks west of the Dome? The Strib sure doesn't need that spot. They could always relocate by the Basillica right?

sportsnut686Jan. 7, 1210:36 PM

If that's the case, then good luck to Hennepin county, you're on the hook for this one too. Aren't you glad they want it in Downtown by the lightrail??

tkl52545Jan. 7, 1210:57 PM

Just sad to see the Mpls power brokers get their way again. The Linden Ave site will create a horrible parking delema with little to no tail gating. I hope all the west enders enjoy their time at the stadium, because there won't be many people there from the east metro. Also, if they decide to wedge it into the Farmers Market can you imagine the traffic congestion trying to get in there? I have been a Viking fan for 51years, but when this move takes place it will be my last game in person.

niceinniceJan. 7, 1211:01 PM

St. Cloud is central to both tourism and commerce.

europeaJan. 7, 1211:04 PM

The real issue is the artificial concept of a "local partner". The vast majority of Ramsey County residents derive nothing from a Vikings stadium, especially nothing in increased fees and revenues. The burden of subsidizing the Vikings is exclusively a State of Minnesota burden, just like the burden of subsidizing the Boundry Waters. Neither Ramsey nor Hennepin County should be on the hook for taking the majority of the hit to benefit the Vikings. Ultimately, the Vikings should finance themselves. Barring that, the highest number of unwilling Minnesota citizens possible should carry the onus of bigger taxes to support a private venture. This will be especially delightful when the Vikings are blacked out because they can't sell all their seats. I smell a victory for the legislative DFL when this goes through.

xyzzy72Jan. 7, 1211:06 PM

Build it on the Metrodome site. The infrastructure is in place, which makes it the least expensive location. Two years at TCF would toughen the players and weaken their opponents. The other three sites make no sense at all.

dejadoodooJan. 7, 1211:10 PM

If you move it away from the current Dome site there will be a ripple in the time/space continuum. In this ripple world, the Vikings will alternate playing either the packers or the Saints -- no one else -- and never win another game -- ever. In my Ripple world, I'm happy until the bottle is empty:)

wyovikingJan. 7, 1211:13 PM

Fine. Build it in Minneapolis. I will be there. As long as it is in Minnesota I support it.

alyssajeremyJan. 7, 1211:14 PM

how bout this the vikings pay for everything and say guess what no money for the state if the state does not want to help then they dont any money also this will make jobs and also it will prolly employe more ppl than the dome minnesota is stupid


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