Anoka teachers slam policy rewrite

  • Article by: KELLY SMITH , Star Tribune
  • Updated: January 6, 2012 - 9:34 PM

The teachers' union found most want district policy on orientation scrapped - and not replaced.

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panndderJan. 6, 1210:01 PM

The only group here with questionable orientation is the leadership of the District. Time for a new direction, where all students are embraced and open to be themselves.

rshacklefordJan. 6, 1210:21 PM

"The union's first official position on the policies, to be formally presented Monday, complicates the school board's attempt to settle a months-long controversy that's plagued the state's largest school district. Now it's clear there will be no quick end." Well, I guess that pseudo-agreement between the AH11 admin, teachers, union leaders, etcetera of keeping this 'discussion' on how to solve this problem quietly is now officially over. Good. Now bring in some trained experts because (I'm disappointed to say) the AH11 process is, to date, getting a grade of F. This is a strong statement but: the homophobic parents I've heard really need to get with the 21st century.

goferfanzJan. 6, 1210:43 PM

Am I reading this correctly? 2700 of the 2800 teachers didnt respond to the survey, and the Strib prints this story, with this headline? Are there still editors working at this paper? It sounds like teachers are pretty satisfied with the status quo, or very apathetic, or both. Is there a factual basis for the header on the comments page that "most" want the policy scrapped? That would be like 2500, right? A very, very strange story...............

werecomingJan. 6, 1210:44 PM

Seriously... when did it become considered "norm" to be gay...I don't like it in the schools, church, etc..... When does politically correct go overboard....tired of everyone having this, that, etc.. When God comes down what do you think he'll say "yeah you're right it's ok?"

down2earthJan. 6, 1211:25 PM

@werecoming - I guess that when God comes down, what He will say will be up to Him to decide, which is exactly the point. You are not in a position to judge and neither am I - God is and will. In the meantime, relax and "love thy neighbor."

jelseyJan. 7, 1212:20 AM

Goferfanz - I teach in the district and the reason for the low response on the survey is that it came out right before winter break (interesting timing on the district's part to release the new policies when everyone is so busy or gone). However, based on the teachers I've talked to, I agree that most teachers out here just don't trust another policy. We want the district to trust that we'll care about our kids policies or not.

DufferHJan. 7, 12 1:08 AM

Just more evidence that the teachers are not the problem in our schools. Our ire should be aimed at the school officials and the school boards. When the school brass say they are ready to move on even if the community isn't, that says all that needs to be told.

myfathurtsJan. 7, 12 7:29 AM

How bout kids get disciplined for picking on/bullying any other kid whether they are fat/thin, tall/short, black/white/asian/indian/other, gay/straight etc. No kid should be harassed at school. That said, I don't beleive there should be "policies" that single out any specific item in the above list....and parents.....raise your kids with better values so they don't get their kicks from degrading other kids.

mrstephancJan. 7, 12 8:26 AM

re: When God comes down what do you think he'll say "yeah you're right it's ok?".... my God made man in his likeness. So ya, my God is "OK" with gay.

oldenufJan. 7, 12 8:31 AM

Its obvious the school board is as split as the current political parties. There are vocal minorities on both sidea of this issue who will never be happy with any policy, enforce a bullying policy regardless who is doing it or why. It seems simple enough that what happens in school or school related activities can be handled by a common sense bullying policy. Come on board do your job quit pandering to either side and remember losing an election isnt the worst thing inthe world.


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