NHL players block realignment plan, for the moment

  • Article by: MICHAEL RUSSO , Star Tribune
  • Updated: January 7, 2012 - 2:04 AM

The action by the union, seemingly seeking leverage in upcoming labor talks, was disappointing to Craig Leipold.

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nordeastguyJan. 6, 12 9:56 PM

Why does the union have the ability to block something like this? If this is a union ploy to change their contract they should be hung out to dry.

gotsnowJan. 6, 1210:16 PM

I fail to understand how the travel is an issue for the players...shorter flights and staying within your time zone is all good.

jdtconlineJan. 6, 1210:16 PM

This is not a contract ploy. It is an ego play by Fehr to show how relevant and how much 'power' he has. He knows that it is too close to the negotiations for the Union Members to get a new rep; and this move almost guarantees a lock out, which will keep his name in the sports news for a good period - while it costs those he represents dearly. What a .....

imagitatorJan. 6, 1210:40 PM

And once again it is the fans that get screwed. Yet they keep telling us, "it's all about the fans." What a crock. I hope the owners tell Don Fehr his threats earned the NHL another lockout for next year.I am sick to death of watching Calgary, Edmonton and Vancouver it seems every other night and was looking forward to this re-alignment.

WaterloverJan. 6, 1210:45 PM

I say lock them out now, don't wait for next year, shut it down tomorrow and see how long it takes for the players to dump slimy Don. This is the dumbest, lamest thing I've heard in a long, long time.

BrotenFanJan. 6, 1211:51 PM

Donald Fehr wants to show the NHL owners that he will be a pain in their collective arse for the foreseeable future. This was a power play and everyone will suffer because of it. Ask the Players Union if they care that my hockey-loving 9 year old son can't watch 50% of the Wild games because they start at 8pm or 9pm. Will he hang in there and be happy when this realignment eventually happens? Maybe. Or maybe he'll lose interest due to the lack of exposure and decide Ricky Rubio is fun to watch. The NHL has shot itself in the foot so many times it's ridiculous. They'll never be more than 3rd runner-up amongst the major sports because they can't get out of their own way. They played chicken with ESPN over the television package and lost. They were relegated to Versus with 17 homes in the country tuning in. This decision by the Players Union is pure stupidity and will result in yet another year of late games for the Wild and postpone the fun that could have been next season. Thanks Donald Fehr!

SqUaReD80Jan. 7, 1212:15 AM

Unreal. This hurts everybody. Players, owners, teams, and most importantly the fans. The only one who thinks this is a good thing is Fehr. What a joke.

northstarstJan. 7, 1212:42 AM

This realignment plan would reduce travel costs, travel times, create regional rivalries (which the NHL lacks in many respects), and would eliminate the situations in which one division is full of crap teams. Why do the players hate this?

dheaton1Jan. 7, 12 1:17 AM

And, as a MN sports fan (already so painful)the hits just keep on a coming.....

misterfloydJan. 7, 12 1:43 AM

Tell me why all the other sports are on FREE TV while hockey makes me pay for Versus. Do not the Wild(Tame) play in a taxpayer subsidized arena? Give me some FREE TV games besides once a week in FEB and I might be more supportive of the owners position. As it stands now and for the last couple of years " we the little people(fans) DO NOT COUNT " Sorry to say Mr GREEDY OWNERS you have lost my vote and $$ for a long time and it keeps getting longer. Believe it or not I am a former player(high school) and parent of a 2 yr college player.


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