'No Stadium Tax' group wants a vote on public funding

  • Article by: KEVIN DUCHSCHERE , Star Tribune
  • Updated: January 6, 2012 - 11:57 PM

A Ramsey County coalition started a drive to put a question on the November ballot about the use of public dollars for a Vikings stadium.

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rshacklefordJan. 6, 1212:05 PM

Commissioners Tony Bennett and Rafael Ortega, are you getting the message yet? Can you hear them now? And, Bennett, you just got yourself yet another 'hoop' to jump through as you complained about in a statement you made 24-48 hours ago. Unfortunately, I'd say this new hoop is pretty high-up and afire. SKOL TAXPAYERS!

GreenwellJan. 6, 1212:07 PM

Where do I sign up?

stoneageJan. 6, 1212:13 PM

This is a wake up call for the 'build it for Wilf' crowd. The only bad part is that it will definitely switch the emphasis to my side of town. This wouldn't be an issue if ALL the MN taxpayers were given the chance to vote. It's time for the owners to build their own facilities.

LuckyBobJan. 6, 1212:14 PM

Ady, you should not waste the time of your constituents (I'm one) with your petitions for a referendum. It's easy polictics to support putting a referendum on the ballot when you already know the outcome. It would be no different than putting a referendum on the ballot to add feces to the school lunch menu. It would also be voted down in a ridiculous landslide. If you want to be a true leader to us Shorviewers who voted for you, do the hard work and help figure out how to pay for a stadium, not how NOT to. What you are doing is not leadership - it smells of pandering.

lopsideJan. 6, 1212:15 PM

Thank you and good luck. Enough professional sports teams have built amazing stadiums with private funding resources to know that the Vikings can do it too. There is no reason they can't use PSLs, naming rights, private donations, and business donations to build this stadium. If they can't, then obviously Minnesota doesn't want it.

tprattJan. 6, 1212:19 PM

They are not only listening to Wilf, they are listening to the thousands of people in Ramsey County and throughout the state that want a stadium built. If you don't want to spend an extra hundred bucks a year, quit paying for museums and parks and libraries and enjoy your hundreds of acres of toxic wastland.

fishanhunt2Jan. 6, 1212:19 PM

"Ramsey County group starts petition drive to block public funding for stadium." And well they should!

urushmaJan. 6, 1212:20 PM

Hooray! Another petition! Sign the petition if you don't like creating jobs, creating business, and want to pay more when we beg the NFL to bring a team back! Sign it if you like seeing that dump sit there for another 40 years! Yeah! Let's start a petition for everything that we don't like! Yeah!

sportsnut686Jan. 6, 1212:21 PM

@stoneage that is never going to happen. The NFL owners aren't interested in buying real estate. While they do put money into the stadiums for their NFL teams, not even Jerry Jones paid for the palace in Dallas completely with his money. The reality of this whole situation people don't seem to get is, Minnesota, and Hennepin,or Ramsey county will have to pay for a portion of any new stadium/arena built in MN. Get over it!!

kidjpenJan. 6, 1212:23 PM

Wow!! That land has sat vacant now for how long? So, Instead of development and JOBS some folks would let it set idle. Look at what the Excel Enegy center did for St Paul. If you don't like it move or don't go to the games.


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