Craig: Change in title won't fix all that ails Vikings

  • Article by: MARK CRAIG , Star Tribune
  • Updated: January 4, 2012 - 11:14 AM

Rick Spielman will get most of the credit or blame as the team rebuilds -- and it's a massive job.

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kevinwiJan. 3, 12 9:57 PM

Was curious who the first reporter would be to slam against the Vikes for an attempt to fix what's wrong with the team. Didn't expect it to be before 24 hours had passed since the decision was made. Twin cities reporter are brutal.....just brutal.

swannyriversJan. 3, 1210:28 PM

Go back to Green Bay Craig. You don't deserve to report on the purple. Hiring a GM was the first right move in a long time by this franchise. Does it fix everything? No. But with 10 draft picks and potentially more if we trade #3, we are in good shape to turn things around sooner rather than later.

oldhickoryJan. 3, 1210:29 PM

Putting your faith in Ponder is ridiculous, but these reporter in this town are enamored with his pretty boy looks. And Hey reporters... grow a pair and ask some tough questions for a change. Not what are your feelings and do you like puppies.

njc264isbackJan. 3, 1210:41 PM

You kool-aid drinkers need to stop for a minute. What Craig wrote was absolutely, unequivocally, the truth. This is nothing more than window dressing by PROMOTING a guy who (along with the coaching staff) should've been fired after this humiliating season. When was the last time a GM didn't have the power over hiring/firing the coach? That is a pretty central tenet of the GM role. Lou Nanne tonight even said he never heard of a GM that still had to answer to the Owner/Coach when it comes to personnel decisions of the staff. This is just more of the same winter park buffoonery. You kool-aiders need to get a clue and be objective, just for an instance, for once.

walleeJan. 3, 1210:57 PM

If you would take off those rose colored glasses you would then see what a farce this was. Spielman has done nothing but destroy this franchise, just like Miami and Detroit. He should have been shown the door along with that joke they call a head coach, Les Stec, I mean Frazier.

bruisedupJan. 4, 1212:55 AM

I think a lot of Vike fans wanted a GM to make all of the personnel decisions. I just don't believe everyone who was wanting a GM was thinking about the possibility of that GM coming from within and it being Spielman. There has been a lot of Spielman bashing but for all anyone really knows it could be that Spielman never had the power to right the ship. A lot of the current problems with the roster could be crap that Childress was or wasn't doing but the only people who really know that for sure are people like the Wilfs and Spielman. It was my understanding that for all of the player decisions that were made during the years Childress coached that he had the final say on those decisions.

dorkeemnJan. 4, 12 6:24 AM

And which recycled GM would you prefer the Vikings hire? Angelo? He is the defensive version of the Polians... Urlacher gets hurt, their defense tanks and boom - they lose out on playoffs. Polians? Yes, Plural- because word is that if you hire the old man (Bill) you get the Kid (Chris) and he isn't exactly a rocket scientist. Let's see - who else is out there? Bill Cowher? He'd want to be both GM and Coach and we saw where that got us with Chilly. Granted Cowher has a Super Bowl (2) but still not where the Wilfs should go - and then they're paying 3 coaches and 2 GM's. I think the Wilfs got this one right - Speilman has 1 year on his deal to turn this ship around, if he does it - great, if he doesn't then they can fire him and Leslie and still only be paying 2 coaches - leslie and the new guy.

tjtwinsfanJan. 4, 12 7:26 AM

The draft choice is so easy to make. If available draft Luck,we were so stupid last year in not going for the best wide receivers we could get last year . We need 3 great ones and then any Qb we pick up could better than average. You need weapons, I don't care who you have for a qb if you don't have a minimum of 2 great wide outs and a good runner whoever you have for a qb will be bad. I believe if we pickup 2 great wide receivers this year like Blackmon and say someone like Vincent Jackson or a star wide receiver through free agency Ponder could be good. Too bad the Vikings were stupid and played Peterson and now he probably will never be the same. Think about it, when we had Moss, Carter and Reed along with Smith at running back, we were unstoppable. Cunningham or Johnson or anyone could run that offense. When we lost Reed to free agency and were down to 2 great wide receivers we were still pretty good but no where near to Super as we were. You talk about how bad our line was this year. Letting Mckinnie go was another stupid move. But if we had Harvin, Blackmon and say take one of Green Bay receivers away from them. It would make our offense great and also hurt Green Bay. But the fact that Peterson will never will be the same will hurt. Our line we have will be 10 times better if the other team can't stack the line. So having a bunch of weapons would prevent that.

fishanhunt2Jan. 4, 12 7:44 AM

"Pass happy league"? All Spielman and Frazier have to do is put the necessary tools in place to establish the run and the Vikings will do just fine. Am I right?

tjtwinsfanJan. 4, 12 7:44 AM

Green Bay losing their first game is the highlight of the year. Even though New Orleans should have beaten them also. Even the Vikings could have beaten them or should have, if the gut less refs would have called the obvious interference call at the end of the game with the Viking getting in position to score. But at the time Green Bay was undefeated and they weren't going to be the cause to make the cheeseheads defeated. Also the Giants should have beat them. And I beleive they will in the playoffs. Rodgers is not the MVP of the league. Brees is and had better stats. Brees played every game and wasn't scared in getting hurt. Rodgers hurt his chance to be MVP and should because he didn't play in the last game. He thinks that because he didn't play the last he has it locked up. Brees is awsome and he also has better running backs than the cheeseheads. I would totally laugh if Green Bay loses in the playoffs which I believe they will. The 49s have a defense and the Giants do to they are coming on. The Saints can score as many or more than the cheeseheads, so it would be so funny the cheeseheads so called magical season be ended, no undefeated season, Kansas City beat them can you believe it. Kansas city. They may have cost them a unbeaten season, Rodgers MVP. The receivers make a qb not the other way around if Rodgers gets down to only one or 2 good wide outs watch how ordinary he will become.


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