Edina boutique takes heat for trashing $4,000-plus gowns

  • Article by: KRISTIN TILLOTSON , Star Tribune
  • Updated: January 4, 2012 - 8:27 AM

High-end wedding dresses were intentionally ruined after the retailer went out of business.

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sharkysharkJan. 3, 12 4:30 PM

Nobody "needs" a wedding dress.

isbjornmydogJan. 3, 12 4:31 PM

This is sad and disgusting. I wonder if they treated thier customers they way they treated lovely dresses that could have been used thoughtfully through community donation programs? Unfortuante!

samueldyerJan. 3, 12 4:32 PM

it's their stuff.. stop whimpering around like you need a free bone from these people. if they want to trash em.. they can trash em.. whiners

SirRuslynJan. 3, 12 4:33 PM

Why are folks concerned what someone else is doing that doesn't harm or have any effect on them at all? And why do folks only care about waste like this that comes from a corporation? How many expensive cars have been blown up for Hollywood movies, or million dollar models like the ship for Pirates of the Carribean that created and then destroyed as well? It's not waste if you get to pay $10 to see it in a theater, but if it's captured on an iPhone, it's waste apparently.

ajbeastro99Jan. 3, 12 4:46 PM

I can't believe people would want to pay that kind of money anyway for something they're only going to use for a few hours. How about saving your money for a downpayment on a house or something else that would actually benefit the start of your new life together? My wife worked at a bridal store all through college and had every opportunity to develop an expensive taste. Even so, she did the right thing and settled on something that was less than most high schoolers spend on their prom dresses. It's probably too bad that these went to waste but what does it really say about the real value of a supposed 'high-end' or brand name when they too just want them tossed instead of returned to be resold to another dealer?

angel123Jan. 3, 12 4:49 PM

It irks me because people of money always, always have an excuse of their waste. Yes, who needs a wedding dress, but, then why do pick stick up for their excuses? Their is no logical excuse. They think and do because they think they are special. No off the rack for them!

mouthwashJan. 3, 12 4:50 PM

That's just "the system" these days. Thanks in part to the negative aspects of sitting in front of a pc all day, most office workers are blind followers of what Big Brother orders them to do, even if it means destroying food, clothing and shelter.

beepJan. 3, 12 4:52 PM

"it's their stuff.. stop whimpering around like you need a free bone from these people. if they want to trash em.. they can trash em.. whiners" Agree completely, but public goodwill and the excellent press they would have received by donating is something that would have cost them nothing. Plus they may have been able to take a tax deduction also. Opportunity lost is all I'm saying.

alanjasonJan. 3, 12 4:56 PM

For the people complaining, they had a contractual agreement that they couldn't sell or donate the dresses. And if they did, they would have been sued by the suppliers. Do you understand? Yes, it is sad and wasteful, but it's business, especially for high end stuff. If the store would have donated the dresses, I can guarantee that some of them would have popped up on Ebay or somewhere else for half the price of a new one. High end luxury brands don't want any of their products being sold at a discount, as it will dilute & cheapen the name, and will be unfair to other stores who sell the same items at full price. It's business. Take LV for example, you never see those handbags for sale or discounted. And stores that sell them are not allowed to donate them or sell them cheaply to others if they go out of business. Once again, it's business. You can complain and whine all you want about the bridal shop, but they're under contract to destroy the dresses, or be sued. Perhaps they just shouldn't have done it in such a blatant way. But you gotta love those dumpster divers. What people won't do to save a buck. They're the same people that trample on other people during Black Friday sales so they can save $100 on a TV.

alanjasonJan. 3, 12 4:59 PM

Why aren't people complaining about all the food that restaurants and grocery stores throw away on a daily basis? They could easily donate leftover food, but they toss it. These are wedding dresses. The stores are under a contract that they HAVE to destroy the dresses. Get over it.


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