Tevlin: A vigil, and plea, for little Terrell Mayes

  • Article by: JON TEVLIN , Star Tribune
  • Updated: December 31, 2011 - 7:17 PM

On a day when people gather to celebrate new beginnings, they came together to grieve a death. In a neighborhood where we try to raise children, they came to bury one.

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basia2186Dec. 31, 11 6:42 PM

It is a horrible tragedy that a boy was killed in North Mpls. I am sorry for his family. How about some serious discussion about why the violence continues? The dad was in jail, she uprooted her family from Chicago to move here? Why? Leaving family, community, schools and church? For what?? The questions need to be asked and answered by our so called leaders.

jarlmnDec. 31, 11 7:46 PM

Sad about the little kid, but enough already with these "vigils" and all the speeches by self-serving politicians and "community activists." Nothing changes and then someone else gets killed, and there are more vigils and more politician photo-ops. It's gonna be lather-rinse-repeat until they themselves get tough on their own danged run-amok kids and family members. When are our north-side neighbors gonna quit wringing their hands and making empty promises about cleaning-up that mess?

scavengersDec. 31, 11 8:26 PM

I agree. Self-serving politicians have done nothing to solve the problems. "This is a major symptom of the illness in this community," said Don Samuels, Minneapolis City Council member. Don Samuels has been spouting the same lines for years and has done nothing to make north Minneapolis a safer community. Samuels is just a virus spreading the illness because of his rhetoric and lack of solutions. Too many photo-ops and not enough action.

reach1teach1Dec. 31, 11 8:45 PM

This mother moved her children to get away from a violent environment. She wanted something better for her children. She ran, unbeknownst to her, into the frying pan. Her eldest child, Ezra, is a loving, sweet child. He adored his little brother. He will need, as the other siblings and mom, support and counseling to overcome this heartbreak. She, at least, is trying to make sure that her sons have direction and guidance. She nurtures them and demonstrates the difference between right and wrong. It is the inattentive parents that need to be chastised and questioned. Do they know where there kids were on that day? She did!

jarlmnDec. 31, 11 9:03 PM

Thank you for sharing that, Reach1teach1. This mother trying to do the right thing, makes this situation all the more tragic ... yet, all the more in need of actions, not words. Perhaps this mother can now help lead the way for others, by her own example.

wildfoxDec. 31, 11 9:54 PM

May peace be with your family ... you have my deepest sympathy.

danderson1966Jan. 1, 12 3:50 AM

Why move here from Chicago? This has been happening for years, it's because of Minnesota's welfare system. Bottom line, no other way to put it. Sympathize all you want, but nothing will ever change until the state makes changes and the suburban white people stop driving into these areas looking to buy weed and crack. I spent 30 years in North Minneapolis and the cancer has spread everywhere.

tmrichardsonJan. 1, 12 8:20 AM

Leaves for a better life to a place that young kids learn to run and hide when they hear gunshots....that's the most damning part of the whole story here to me. Murderapolis all over again. I sure hope it gets the police and community to realize they need to finally REALLY deal with this problem. Stop worrying about profiling. Stop putting barriers in front of police. Stop crying racism. Just get the darn thugs off the streets so people don't have to live this way.

kinghiberniaJan. 1, 1210:20 AM

"This is a major symptom of the illness in the community" Don Samuels said. He had it partially right. It should read "This is a symptom of a major illness in the community" !!! How is it possible to change a culture? A way of thinking? Where amoral behavior is the norm? Where individuals base their decisions on instinct rather than reason? Take the handcuffs off the Mpls Police and let them do their job. Build more prisons and bring back capital punishment. The continued "wringing of hands" does no good!!!!

redryder8Jan. 1, 1210:32 AM

as long as a code of silence prevails, the thugs will rule. the shooter is not coming forward. the young boy was just a "mushroom" that popped up in front of a bullet. no cop or politicion, or comm. leader can solve this unless "snitch" becomes respected.


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