Michael Russo's Sunday Insider: Disciplinarian Shanahan defends decisions

  • Article by: Star Tribune
  • Updated: December 31, 2011 - 6:54 PM

Conspiracy talk notwithstanding, NHL disciplinarian Brendan Shanahan insists, laughing, he's no Wild hater.

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mnlady4wildDec. 31, 1110:09 PM

Russo, I agree there's no conspiracy, and I wouldn't want his job for all the tea in China, BUT - I AM a little uncomfortable with Shanahan's descriptions being laced with "kind of", "sort of", and "seemed as if he intended to". It reminds me too much of the "hanging chad" election, which should have proven you can't always accurately interpret someone's intent, good or bad, from incorrect actions. You need to judge the actions themselves and their results. Maybe the bad actions are NOT intentional, but they ARE bad and should be eliminated from the game; it's not as if players don't know how to make a good hit. Even if it's an incorrect view, I can't help but think that some players are beginning to realize they can take opponents out of the game by substituting bad body hits for bad head hits without extended punishment.

misternoallJan. 1, 12 6:20 AM

Sidney Crosby was slammed in the coconut too many times before he learned of his concussion and the NHL lost its best star. Shea Weber was targeted by Fistic ((high hit to head) and again Mister Weber was in a bad position on his knees when Ott hit him in the head causing a concussion finally to Mister Weber (mission accomplished).... Mister Teehar during a Wild telecast showed the scary violent hit to the head by Mister Ott but no suspension and now all of the sudden you can't find any video on the web of the hit....... To me it looks like Mister Weber was targeted by Dallas and the result was the concussion similar to video I watched of Sidney Crosby and his concussion..... Really Shannahan ? you go through all of that work to stop hits to the head and now you change your ways... That is priceless and consistent of the NHL standards...... Both Mister Fistic and Mister OTT sandblasted Mister Webers coconut........ I don't have a problem with the Wild players non suspensions, I watched the video and see no reason for suspension either...... Mister Webers concussion is going too far, you make a point that your going to protect the players including the games superstars and you let that go ? Who are you Vince Mcmahon wrestling promoter or I mean hockey promoter

minneg56Jan. 1, 12 9:37 AM

No different than the old 'Viking play off /Super Bowl conspiracy theory' - there isn't one. But until NHL gets someone outside of it's old boy Neanderthal network on the rules and discipline committees, they will continue to destroy their own product from within. As long as it is systemically promoted that lower level players can take higher level ones off the ice via 'carnival penalties' or by purposely injuring them, we will continue to see and pay for a substandard NHL product. Something which is far less in quality than what it could be. If Ovi or Sid come to town and I'm paying a couple of c-notes for tickets - I don't want to see them sit in the penalty box or get carried from the ice due to injury inflicted by a hack- I want to see the highest level of play the game has to offer!

moodog33Jan. 1, 12 9:47 AM

1. WWSDIIWSC - Shanny should look at every suspension as though he would have to defend no suspension after Crosby was injured (What Would Shanny Do If It Was Sidney Crosby). The NHL claims no favoritism...act like it! I just don't buy that the decisions would have been the same if Crosby or another "star" would have been injured. 2. How about some transparency? If he emails 14 others, what was the tally? If 14 veterans say no suspension, then we can all go lay by our dish. If its close at least that gives perspective that it was a tougher decision than we believed.

goon48Jan. 1, 1210:25 AM

I believe Michael Russo is one of the best beat writers in the NHL, but in this case you let Shanny off of the hook. The fact that since November 30th three Wild were pounded into the end boards and no S.D. given is unacceptable.

randdlottJan. 1, 1210:30 AM

A questionable hit should be considered a suspension, not the other way around. The players dishing out these hits are goons 80% of the time so their absence from the team is not as vital as the players on the receiving end such as Crosby.

need4speed99Jan. 1, 1210:56 AM

to be honest ive noticed wild players get alot of hits taken on them that are questionable, i also watch some games where we get called for every tick tack penalty but the other team does the same thing and nothing. i think the only thing the fans of the wild want is CONSISTANCY. i find it very hard to believe that of those 3 hits against the wild NOT ONE got a suspension, hell the knee on clutterbuck didnt even get a penalty. please make the same call you would if it were sid or ovechkin. why is spurgeon or clutterbuck or pmb any less valuable than sid? seems to me the nhl is sending the wrong message.

stonedonthebJan. 1, 12 4:34 PM

While I agree that intent can aggravate a dangerous hit, it can't be an excuse. "Pardon me. I am sorry I knocked your block off with my inadvertent elbow." I'll keep saying it. Line up Kassian, Staubitz and Stoner. First time McCleod steps on the ice. Challenge him with Kass. Next time with Brad and then with Stoner. Send a message that you might as well leave him home cuz he won't get any ice time against the Wild.

wildfanstanJan. 2, 12 9:29 AM

Actions speak louder than words. Until I see him take action for some of these plays I don't believe a word he said.

vexablemanJan. 2, 1211:33 AM

If you are want to protect the players,hits to the head must be illegal regardless of intention. He needs to be fired.


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