State security hospital fined for abuses of mentally ill patients

  • Article by: PAUL McENROE , Star Tribune
  • Updated: December 23, 2011 - 12:37 AM

Two patients at the St. Peter, Minn., facility, were repeatedly abused by staffers. One was forced to sleep on a concrete slab for 25 nights.

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wildfoxDec. 22, 1110:38 PM

Another state facility that has used inhumane treatment of the mentally ill. Cambridge State Hospital had similar complaints recently. Pawlenty de-regulated the state hospitals at the beginning of his first term as gov. The entire system needs to be restructured so there are enough beds for our mentally ill citizens. As it is now these people are being let out and are out running around the streets, some are dangerous. Gov. Dayton.... Please re-open our state facilities to house these dangerous people and demand they be treated with dignity.

threed61Dec. 22, 1111:33 PM

Their license is on probation, really? Like we're going to close a place that keeps 200+ of the most dangerous people in Minnesota off the streets. Put them in prison where they belong.

spendmoreDec. 23, 1112:39 AM

threed61: Put them in prison where they belong. - Where is your humanity? These are people with feeling, maybe they never tied in everything they did.

elatedDec. 23, 1112:45 AM

A person doesnt choose to be mentally ill. Prison is not the place for them. People with that attitude are ignorant to the world around them. How about putting the abusers in prison where they belong. How would you feel if this were you mother or daughter???

jeebers76Dec. 23, 11 1:39 AM

Placing them in prison isn't going to change matters. Many of these people are terrified, and have severe problems just dealing with reality. The only mentally ill individual that I would keep in prison are antisocial personality disorder/psychopaths, as there is no cure and they are predatorial. The rest really are more victims of their own minds, in a near constant state of suffering, and they know it.

mlapnorDec. 23, 11 5:48 AM

You get what you tolerate.

dkoop1Dec. 23, 11 7:16 AM

The staff are still there, really? If this happened in a non-state run facility the staff would have been fired and prosecuted for violating the Vulnerable Adult Act. When the state licenses and investigates their own programs there seems to be a double standard.

stplooklistnDec. 23, 11 7:24 AM

A mental illness diagnosis does not mean that they are not aware of right and wrong. Staff working with this population often have life altering injuries from assault. More access to better controls are necessary. Easy to tell staff you can't do this or that, so the professionals in St. Paul should come up with what can be done. Perhaps the new Calif model should be tried for this dangerous group

eddy4555Dec. 23, 11 8:20 AM

Absolutely no excuse... One either gets help to work with a paient, or backs away and takes a deep breathe, and then goes back.

mlapnorDec. 23, 11 8:40 AM

Let me rephrase- Regarding the administration and abuse: You get what you tolerate.


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