Editorial: House GOP fails American workers

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  • Updated: December 21, 2011 - 9:40 PM

With economy still fragile, this isn't the time to end tax break.

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Thumper5316Dec. 21, 11 9:56 PM

Tell the whole truth for crying out loud. The republicans wanted more than just the pittance that was on the table. In true Obama dictatorial fashion it was his way or the highway. Put the blame where it belongs.

allen113Dec. 21, 1110:19 PM

Rope-a-dope. Ali knew how to handle Foreman: lay on the ropes and take his hits until Foreman got tired and made a mistake. That's exactly what happened this week. Thank you John Boehner. Please drag this out as long as you can. You are reelecting Obama and turning over the House to the Dems. This is a blunder for the history books.

crystalbayDec. 21, 1110:27 PM

The Wall Street Journal, Carl Rove, Scott Brown, McCain,and many other conservatives are seeing the House wingers refusal to vote on this bill as "handing Obama a second term". The polls indicate high disapproval of their recalcitrance as well. The House extremists have effectively painted themselves into a corner and have never looked worse. It was only a matter of time before they went too far. I look forward to 2012 when this band of renegades is voted out of office. The damage they've done in just two years is incalculable. They have absolutely no care about the well-being of the country in their intense zeal to unseat the president. The GOP is officially morally bankrupt.

LakeliverDec. 21, 1110:59 PM

Thumper5316. You get your facts straight. Obama and the democrats first bill was to extend the payroll tax for at least a year and cut the fat cat tax cut that has only trickled into offshore tax havens. Immediately the republicans took the bill and loaded it with their own amendments so they knew the President and Senate would not go for it. As a compromise to get SOMETHING done, Obama came up with the two month extension so we would not have our taxes raised right away and the unemployed would not be left without any benefits. No half-truths or less, please. In the compromise bill Obama agreed not to eliminate the cut for the 1%. If the republicans were serious about the payroll tax cut for the middle class, why didn't they keep the bill clean and let that one subject stand on its own merit? That's what should be done with every important bill.

jpcooperDec. 21, 1111:09 PM

Lakeliver please show us that "First Bill" you speak of. Did it originate in the House or Senate? What was the Bill's number?

jpcooperDec. 21, 1111:16 PM

With economy still fragile, this isn't the time to end tax break."

If not is not the time to raise taxes why has that been the Democrats battle cry for 3 years? "End Bush tax cuts", "Pay fair share" etc....

Here is the bottom line with liberals, raising taxes is a good idea as long as its not coming from a liberal pocket!

garagewineDec. 22, 11 1:30 AM

Let the tax cuts expire. It will take a chunk out of these huge deficits we are running.

orpheus90Dec. 22, 11 2:30 AM

Right wingers in the republican-controlled house have become quite adept at bait and switch. Certainly they're now telling the public they want a one year extension on the payroll tax cut (after months of obstructing it), but at this point their true intent - and apparently the only strategy they've got - is hostage taking. And taking the middle class paycheck hostage is the only leverage they have to demand the Senate be reconvened for negotiation on the pay roll tax cut bill. Only let's be clear - it's not the pay roll tax cut itself that's at issue here, rather, it's all the unrelated riders house republicans want to add on, essentially wringing every political concession out of the deal, largely for special interests such as Big Oil and the wealthy, before they'll pass any bill. Also, readers, make no mistake: this isn't simply about extremism - the vague rhetorical rationale that the media has relied upon to provide explanation for the frightening behavior of house republicans. Rather, this is about a claque of politicians who are deeply beholding to special interests and are looking for a big pay-off in an election year. (The tea party republicans will need it; it's going to take a lot of $ for voters to forget their anger and disgust and re-elect these corrupt clowns.) Also, keep in mind, the tea baggers came to Washington on the claim they were going to change how business was done inside the Beltway. But it now appears it's not only business-as-usual, it's far, far worse than usual. Clearly these people don't care what it takes to stay in power because there is nothing they won't dangle out a window - the economy, the middle class, the future of the nation - and threaten to drop to get what they want. Time to recognize that the politics these people practice has a core of pure pathology.

crystalbayDec. 22, 11 2:44 AM

"f not is not the time to raise taxes why has that been the Democrats battle cry for 3 years? "End Bush tax cuts", "...........No equivalence! Obama did try to end Bush's tax cut for the wealthiest and this payroll tax cut is strictly to help the middle class working people, NOT the wealthy. Here's a fact: The average Bush tax cut in 2011 for a taxpayer in the richest one percent is greater than the average annual income of the other 99 percent ($66,384 compared to $58,506). This is disgraceful, especially the lie that the 1% are "job creators".

MCKittyDec. 22, 11 5:31 AM

It's time to end all the tax cuts, holidays, and loopholes for everyone, and get some money in the coffers instead of out of it.


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