Best Buy can't fill some online orders for Christmas

  • Article by: DAVID PHELPS , Star Tribune
  • Updated: December 22, 2011 - 9:21 AM

Retailer cites "overwhelming demand" for some items online.

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jamue11eDec. 21, 11 2:59 PM

CONSUMER: "What? The money I spent to buy more Christmas won't produce the gifts in time? Oh dear! I want my money back so I can go somewhere else and buy Christmas!" BEST BUY: "I'm sorry, we aren't giving refunds,as your order has been processed. We will deliver your product. It just won't be there in time for you to experience Christmas like our commercials led you to believe you would".

Osseo91Dec. 21, 11 3:14 PM

Again, why do people buy things from best buy???

nimrod888Dec. 21, 11 3:17 PM

Apparently stimulus money was used to purchase Best Buy? How else do we explain a private sector company acting like a government entity?

mnpolskaDec. 21, 11 3:21 PM

Call your credit card company. If they have charged your card and have not yet shipped the item, they will do a charge-back.

DARKSAGADec. 21, 11 3:22 PM

I used to work there and it was a total circus. Their infrastructure is so antiquated and unreliable I'm hardly surprised this happened. You would have thought after their site crashed a few ago on Black Friday they'd get a clue and shore up their hardware - but nope, nobody cares and it shows. Their website is an even bigger joke. I give this company about another 2 years before they declare bankruptcy.

grandpa9Dec. 21, 11 3:22 PM

Don't you wonder how much longer CEO Dunn will hang onto hs job?

rafannonDec. 21, 11 3:26 PM

and Best Buy wonders why they arent doing very well... dont shop there anymore and wont ever again.

forpeopleDec. 21, 11 3:51 PM

It is interesting that Best Buy has a reputation for discrimination against older workers. Best Buy seems to think that older workers who have kept systems running for decades are not up to the job. Hummmmm. It looks like Best Buy needs some more experienced workers who actually know how to make things run.

oldmannickelDec. 21, 11 3:56 PM

They should just scale the store back to just sell TVs and home audio equipment. I don't know why anyone would go there for anything else, even then, it's just to stop by and shop for the best price (which rarely is found there).

shopsurferDec. 21, 11 3:57 PM

It's not just online shipping orders. I had items purchased for in store pickup, and even with one of the items clearly in the store, you get "We can't do anything until you receive an email confirmation". I'm in MN amd my son is in TX. About four days later, I wisened up, cancelled and ordered from Amazon. Not only was it cheaper, I don't have to give the boy an I Owe You picture of what he was supposed to get. Best Buy is the McDonalds of electronics. Terrible service, yet somehow they remain the largest in the segment. It defies logic.


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