Emmer flap at Hamline is a lesson about bias

  • Article by: JON TEVLIN , Star Tribune
  • Updated: December 18, 2011 - 12:55 AM

Tom Emmer thought he had a deal to teach at Hamline. And then the offer of a job as an adjunct "executive in residence" professor was withdrawn.

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joe777Dec. 17, 11 8:28 PM

"Hamline is a private entity...can hire or not hire anyone for any reason or no reason." All correct but if they think their little island of liberal bias is supposed to represent the entire body of knowledge they are passing along to their students (or customers) they are terribly deceived about how the real world works. I guess being opened minded about other ideas is a dead-end street at Hamline.

changeagent2010Dec. 17, 11 9:25 PM

Funny this is the 3rd version of this story I've read -- 3 different views from 3 different "sources" on 3 different local media websites. Too bad there isn't sufficient real journalism to get "just the facts" or all of the facts. The 2 significant commonalities so far are that T.Emmer is involved, a real job offer was involved then recinded. Ther rest of the story seems to change depending on who's telling it and what spin they want to push.

eschoonDec. 17, 11 9:37 PM

Maybe the author can learn something from the situation to learn how to leave blatant bias out of the story. TERRIBLE journalism... did Jon Tevlin go to Hamline???

fwallenDec. 17, 1110:04 PM

I guess a liberal arts education does not really include diversity of views. Sad for Hamline. I'm not a fan of Emmer, but he got shafted. I don't concern myself with his plight as much as I wonder about the openness or lack at Hamline. It is sad, and one place I can cross off of the list for kids to chose from

voll877Dec. 17, 1110:17 PM

The only thing biased here is Jon Tevlin's attempt at writing a column. "ready to give him a job" is not a contract. Let's be honest. Who is seriously going to hire someone to teach business law at a university that has zero teaching experience, zero business experience, no recent legal experience, has never set foot in a lecture hall, couldn't even get elected to a school board, sends whiny emails to the president of the university, doesn't know how to make a timely decision, and brings intolerance and bigotry to a university known for tolerance and inclusivity. GREAT JOB HAMLINE! Totally not worth letting this guy's bigoted views taint the college's good reputation.

ljfromminDec. 17, 1110:54 PM

The rigid political intolerance of the American Left has become blatently obvious.

drichmnDec. 17, 1111:15 PM

He thought he had a deal but didn't have a signed contract. Business 101: there is no deal unless you have a signed contract. And he wanted to teach a business class?

mobyclarkeDec. 17, 1111:23 PM

Thank you voll877 for completely confirming that you hold the exact opposite of they views you claim to hold in your post. As ljfrommin said, your intolerance has become blatently obvious.

wildfoxDec. 17, 1111:27 PM

"he wanted to teach a business class?: ... what an oxymoron ... cons teaching "business"? Look what they have done to MN and the country when they were in control!

minneg56Dec. 18, 1112:36 AM

Whether you agree or disagree with either Hamline or Emmer the fact is that this is an every day occurance. In today's economy this simply isn't newsworthy that someone has applied for a position and - came close but wasn't extended an offer. In this economy you can't walk 10 feet without bumping into someone who is interviewing for work. They go down the road in the interview process and think positively about the process and at the last minute there is in fact no written offer. A lot of times a potential employer will ask for specific work examples from candidates. It happens all the time in business. What numbers did your work produce? Demonstrate how you accomplished them. They'll share this information with other departments in the organization and comment on the prospect's knowledge, skill and ability. If it's not a match for the organization then that candidate will not get the job. Also, in walking that ten feet you hear the same story from everyone looking for work. They went down the interview process - sometimes 3 - 4 interviews deep and ultimately didn't secure the offer. Having been in talent acqusition for a time in my career, a serious job hunter has numerous contacts juggling at the same time- not just one. So, when I read this column do I feel for Emmer that he wasn't extended an offer? You bet. Is he ANY DIFFERENT than anyone else trying to get a job in a tough economy? Nope. You know, there are other colleges and universities in Minnesota and Western Wisconsin. Maybe if he secures a teaching position he'll eventually become ... tenured? Maybe he'll even join a union to protect his employment status when he does secure a position of his liking. As with anyone else looking for work I wish him well.


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