1 in 9 high school seniors used synthetic drugs

  • Article by: PAM LOUWAGIE , Star Tribune
  • Updated: December 14, 2011 - 4:30 PM
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Major05Dec. 14, 11 9:23 AM

Let me start off by saying, I don't use this stuff and I never have(or will). I did some reseach on it and found it curious that many other "common" OTC drugs have more side affects than this stuff, even alcohol. It just seems to me that its yet another thing government is trying to control. They must not have a strong lobby that pays off government officials in DC.

norb1131Dec. 14, 11 9:30 AM

5700 calls to poison control, 311 million people in the US. 0.0001832 percent! Please, lets spend our money on something else!

jtrain12Dec. 14, 11 9:34 AM

Major05 - try them and then rewrite your comment. I tried K2 and have done my share of drugs and K2 absolutely destroyed me. I was higher than a kite and it was way more than I was interested in being. Kids should not have access to this and the government needs to put more attention on stopping the growth of these drugs than the "regular" drugs. Major, Republicans like you (that haven't lived for a minute) are the fuel of ignorance in this country. Keep up the good work, dummy.

SpideyoDec. 14, 11 9:36 AM

Before I credit this study too much, I'd really like to see some more info about exactly how many kids they talked to. Also, how honest do you really expect high school kids to be when you are asking them about drug use? I know myself and a lot of my friends in high school would have told the survey takers we were using everything all the time, just to screw with the statistics.

genericloginDec. 14, 1110:00 AM

Easy way to put these synthetic companies (and drug dealers) out of business..legalize the real thing and regulate and tax it like alcohol/tobacco. The public demand is there, look at CA and their "medicinal" use. Keeping it illegal only creates an underworld to distribute it, and of course it keeps the US #1 industry of big pharma happy too. Ask any high school kid what is easier to get, weed or tabacco..the answer is weed because it is not regulated.

urbanjungleDec. 14, 1110:01 AM

major5 - where did you do your research? I have never heard of OTC drugs killing people when taken properly, but synthetic drugs like "bath salts" are extremely deadly and can completely change a person... Talk to the parents of some of the kids who have died while using these drugs and then try and tell us that they are safer than OTC drugs.

jgmanciniDec. 14, 1110:02 AM

"Make no mistake. These drugs are dangerous and can cause serious harm," said Kerlikowske, director of National Drug Control Policy.-----Meanwhile, marijuana is not dangerous and has never been shown to cause any lasting damage. People are only taking this stuff because pot is illegal. Instead of a new round of inane and costly legislation to try to control these sythetic drugs (which will never work anyway), let's just legalize marijuana. What's so hard about that?

splitpeasDec. 14, 1110:11 AM

Spideyo, I think they used a representative sample in order to get to their findings. Could you imagine if those researchers trotted across the globe asking HS kids all over the country?

blueborisDec. 14, 1110:28 AM

Only 11% have used a marijuana substitute? How many have used other substances, such as tobacco, alcohol, marijuana itself, heroin, cocaine, ecstasy, etc?

malibu123Dec. 14, 1110:32 AM

Jtrain12: a clear example that a mind is a terrible thing to waste.


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