St. Paul cashing in on impound lot auctions

  • Article by: MATT McKINNEY and JANE FRIEDMANN , Star Tribune staff writers
  • Updated: December 11, 2011 - 6:41 AM

City failed to notify owners of nearly $250,000 in refunds they were entitled to on vehicles sold this year.

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murielpuceDec. 11, 1112:51 AM

It sounds like there are a whole heap of St. Paul officials that a prison sentence. This is absolutely disgusting.

ruggedrickDec. 11, 1112:55 AM

wow, if any of us did this in the private sector we'd be in jail for grand larceny. nice little racket you have going on there, St. Paul.

hcm1957Dec. 11, 11 5:21 AM

Another fine example of how our State is stealing money from the taxpayers....

ecknbeckDec. 11, 11 6:41 AM

"Asked if that was sufficient notice, given that no one has claimed the money this year, St. Paul Assistant Police Chief Kathleen Wuorinen said yes. "I'm very comfortable with the procedures and policies we have in place," she said Friday. "I can't speculate on why people wouldn't step forward and claim this money." This just makes me laugh on several levels...Honestly, you expect ordinary citizens to carry around a book that explains what citation numbers mean? This is nothing but sneaky book keeping, and one they hoped had stayed under the radar...Pathetic

elephantgirlDec. 11, 11 6:45 AM

A person knows when their car has been towed. They get plenty of time to reclaim their vehicle. If you just let it sit there, what should the city do? Selling cars for careless people isn't the job of the city. Lesson, get your car out, or don't park illegaly in the first the signs.

whataboutmeDec. 11, 11 6:50 AM

looks like both sides of the river have been stealing from the public not only kicking them when their down but robbing them too. watch noone will be at fault no one will be disaplined and noone will be fired because of this , if it was you or I we'd be in court fighting for our lives

drliztDec. 11, 11 7:09 AM

It sounds like systemic abuse of folks who are already in a bad situation. The assistant police chief's response is a revealing. The whole thing stinks, and St. Paul is kicking people who are already down. Of course the people who lost their vehicles should be given the excess, what is this, a police state???

twinsruubDec. 11, 11 7:13 AM

Does this really suprise anyone? City keeps the money and the Police could care less. Pathetic!!

justanother1Dec. 11, 11 7:15 AM

I've been saying for years, city government needs to be restructured. They are afforded far too much authority with virtually no fair checks and balances. Every 3 days on here, there is a story of some citizen or group of people questioning city ordinances or policies and it seems there is so little they can do. Why would anyone want a city to be able to make policy, tax you, and enforce both without a watchdog? The saying goes, "you can't fight city hall" well this is why. It's time to rethink our city government structure, it's currently a perfect formula for corruption and we seem no get our share of that too...not surprisingly.

oneeyedjacksDec. 11, 11 7:28 AM

From what I'm picking up in a few recent news stories, there appears to be a certain amount of corruption and hubris creeping into Twin Cities law enforcement. It seems to be largely motivated both for political reasons and financial reasons. I hate to say it, but it’s beginning to question the trustworthiness of the cops and the courts.


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