Capps' time with Twins extended

  • Article by: LA VELLE E. NEAL III , Star Tribune
  • Updated: December 6, 2011 - 8:26 AM

The reliever who pitched with sore forearm last season will get a one-year deal for $4.75 million.

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hugelatsDec. 5, 1110:08 PM

"Florimon appears to be best suited for a utility role, as he is known for having good range and a good arm. He's a .247 hitter in his minor league career." Sounds like should fit right in...

penguin10Dec. 5, 1110:38 PM

I can see resigning Capps cheap as a bullpen guy. But why on earth wouldn't the organization give Perkins a shot at being the closer? Hasn't he earned that chance? What ever happened to Spring Training, where guys compete for their roles? Perkins deserves to be pissed. I know I am! Here comes the Big Bull Rider again, UGH!

bobo72Dec. 5, 1111:43 PM

Terry Ryan is utterly delusional. At first I thought he was hell-bent on building an old folks home in the clubhouse. Now I think perhaps someone should check HIM into a psyche ward. Awful signing. Just a gawd-awful signing. Anyone want to wager that Perkins will be the closer by June 1st?

bobo72Dec. 5, 1111:50 PM

Man, I just can't get this one down, so I need to comment again. Another gutless signing. The Cowardly Lion hasn't changed a bit from 2007. And you know what? The results will be much the same as that utter failure of a season. Hey, TR, perhaps you should actually TALK to some of these other free agents' agents, huh? Guy's probably hiding under his hotel room bed with the Tin Man and Scarecrow. Why can't this organization EVER move on?! Why are we stuck in this perpetual funk of pretending we're any good?! That we're building champions?! That we're building teams "the right way"?! The truth is, TR is now in love with his own legacy. And to anyone that cares to look, this is The Little Train that could anymore. Now, this is a team that rakes in $260M a year in revenues. It's the epicenter of an Upper Midwest baseball market numbering between 8-9 million. This nickle and dime crap has to go.

norcaltwinDec. 5, 1111:56 PM

I somewhat like this signing of Capps. He's relatively cheap and has closing experience. Let's face it, the Twins are not competing for the division title in 2012. So Capps will not have that many save opportunities to blow. If he does blow the ones that he is given, this will allow Gardy to ease Perkins into the role. If Perkins excels, we buy out Capps for 2013, and Perk is the closer at that point. If Capps somehow gets his mojo back, than that will be a bonus for 2012. Either way, Capps is a bridge to a real closer in 2013 and beyond. Hopefully, by then we'll have an answer at short, first, and right field by then.

willysandDec. 6, 1112:50 AM

Same old same old. An utter waste of 4.75 million dollars. The Minnesota Twins are The Little Engine that Can't.

tailofclorisDec. 6, 1112:59 AM

Terry Ryan continues to make excellent moves. Carroll is an excellent player. He fills the hole at SS. Doumit is a liability behind the plate, but can hit well when used sparingly. Butera should improve his hitting enough in 2012 to become the regular starter, but an occassional start by Doumit adds some punch. The Capps one year signing is a low risk, potentially high reward affair. Pedro Florimon adds needed depth to the middle infield, and will start in AAA. The Twins still have the money to bring in an arm or two to fill the massive hole that was created when Guerrier, Rausch and Crain left after the 2010 season. Plouffe would have been the 2012 right fielder, but lost the job by refusing a winter ball assignment. They will find a new low cost veteran rightfielder. I don't think Terry will bring back Cuddyer or Kubel.

weinshilboumDec. 6, 11 1:23 AM

As crazy as this sounds, I miss the days when the Twins had a tight budget. Why? The limits generated CREATIVITY. Think about it: they nabbed Johan Santana in the Rule V draft; they plucked Joe Nathan from the Giants because where others saw a failed starting pitcher, the Twins saw a potential low-cost closer. Now, instead of looking at the likes of Homer Bailey or Marco Estrada, they throw money at mediocrity. If the new Terry Ryan is as uninventive as this, maybe he SHOULD hang it up for good...

drock918Dec. 6, 11 5:59 AM

Somebody better teach this boy how to throw a breaking ball or a change-up in Spring Training. Capps did manage to prove one thing last year, that is possible to hit looooong homeruns at Target Field!

hans2515Dec. 6, 11 6:21 AM

We need to give Capper the benefit of doubt. Yes he stunk it up last year and so did 8 other guys as well. Baseball goes in cycles boys. Cuddyer will be back and Kubel depends on what they decide on Morneau. Cuddyer will get 2 years for 30 Mill with a 3rd year option. Its great that we are moving beyond Nishi cause the guy belongs in the minors.


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