Delta's hold on MSP costs travelers

  • Article by: PAT DOYLE , Star Tribune
  • Updated: December 4, 2011 - 12:07 AM

Airline's fares are higher when it's not competing with a low-cost carrier.

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kruzelcDec. 4, 1112:25 AM

Duh. If you want to pay $100 less and risk connecting through ORD or MDW, be my guest. I'll stick with Delta each and every time. They (and NW) have always been a reliable winter weather carrier from MSP.

halfabubbleDec. 4, 1112:34 AM

Just have to ask yourself, would you like to pay less, but have to take a connection somewhere or do you want to pay a little more and get a direct flight? Trust me, when you have to travel for business, direct flights are a God send.

gobbbbbDec. 4, 11 1:49 AM

So delta promises to work with the citizens of MN, takes control of MSP, takes jobs out of the state, causes MSP to drop from being a top airport in the states, and now is choking minnesotans for profit based off of a law written in the 1970s? Isn't this around the time the united states was supplying osama bin laden with weapons? Why aren't elected officials doing something about this? Airlines haven't been about free markets for 50+ years. It's irrelevant with their government reliance and fee-reliant revenue models.

gener7Dec. 4, 11 1:50 AM

Why would this be news? Everybody knows that when MAC allows any corporate entity to control 89% of the gates it's the customer who loses. Perhaps the government ought to cut Delta a sweetheart deal too so we can take it both ways. We have more than 2 million people living in this metropolitan area, ya think somebody else wouldn't just love to have more of those gates. Come on MAC, get your act together.

willysandDec. 4, 11 3:45 AM

If the presence of small carriers holds prices down, imagine how much lower the rates would be if we had actual competition among major airline carriers. The only people who have benefitted from Delta's takeover of Northwest are Delta stockholders. It was (and still is) incredible that so many people who could have done something about it at the time (Senator Amy Klobuchar, for one, was a big supporter of the "merger")bought into Delta's reasoning. It is too bad that conservatives (although they complain about the high cost of flying) can't see the Delta takeover for what it is; just another case of how our government operates (both parties, but especially republicans) for the benefit of the 1%, at the expense of everybody else. Kind of makes you wonder who the 1978 airline deregulation law was written for in the first place. Please everybody try to realize that decisions made in Washington very much affect how we live.

purplechinaDec. 4, 11 5:07 AM

If there are any lawyers with regulatory expertise inclusive of airports, I would be curious to know more about what the quoted attorney is talking about. It seems counterintuitive to promote a competitive environment with regulations that hinder the promotion of a competitive environment (the gate limitation issue, which contributes to the chicken-and-egg problem economist Rolnick mentions). Generally speaking, though, the problem here is that the MAC has had its head in the sand for a couple decades now and in particular over the last decade as it became apparent that NWA's sale was going to result in the worst of all worlds: losing the economic benefits of carrier headquarters while continuing to be saddled with its monopoly on the gates. The MAC seems to have had no offensive strategic plan and instead has continually found itself behind the ball, forced into a reactionary posture with few cards to play. Bad leadership all around.

chewnutDec. 4, 11 5:26 AM

mpls to florida or west coast 150 to 200 bucks. can't get any cheaper. Beer $7 at a bar. Chicken wings 50 cents.. Airfare: like free

opticonDec. 4, 11 5:31 AM

I've spent my whole life flying out of MSP, I've always used Delta and Northwest since I've had no cheaper options. I've always looked for the cheapest fare but even the so-called "low-cost carrier" was more expensive and usually included a layover someplace. I don't mind layovers at all, but to have a layover that's more expensive than a straight flight? Something seems fishy.

rat618Dec. 4, 11 7:19 AM

Well MAC and Minneapolis sold their soul to their "hometown" airline Northwest in an effort to gain favor with them. Now when they get stabbed in the back by the successor to Northwest they are surprised? Big business being big business is what it is all about.

SMBowner3 Dec. 4, 11 7:19 AM

Let the free market work. If Delta charges too much, people won't fly. Groups, governments, and organizations shouldn't decide what is 'too expensive' and try to artificially control prices. Planes, trains, and automobiles - we have lots of travel options.


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