Vikings-to-L.A. move wouldn't be easy

  • Article by: KEVIN DUCHSCHERE , Star Tribune
  • Updated: December 3, 2011 - 11:52 PM

Such a move is possible, experts say, but the NFL has made sure its relocation process doesn't let owners simply make a money grab.

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mallwittDec. 3, 11 9:57 PM

For heavens sake. I'm not a huge football fan, and I can't say I watch the vikings that much, but that doesn't mean I want them to go. I do recognize that there a lot of people who do like football and the Vikings, I'll even agree that having them is an asset to the state and Minneapolis. They want a new stadium, fine, in a few years like 3, when we aren't the worst economic crisis since the great depression. This is the worst time to ask for a billion dollars, so of course it's when they've asked. Come back in 3 years. If we are still in this economic mess, it'll be clear that we REALLY can't afford it, or we'll be out of it and we can. Timing, it's all about the timing, and right now is not the time!

brainerdguyDec. 3, 1111:32 PM

No Vote?

No Stadium!

mrinsideDec. 3, 1111:43 PM

Difficult to move? Irsay started it in the middle of the night. Al Davis settled it. And Art Modell made out pretty well by moving, so don't tell me it is that hard. The best we can hope for is to retain the name. The Los Angeles Lakers should never had that name.

withinreasonDec. 3, 1111:44 PM

49ers paying for the lions share of their stadium if I'm reading the article right. LA /= TC, but still.

rshacklefordDec. 3, 1111:46 PM

"The NFL considers local corporate support critical to a team's success, and Minnesota ranks high on that score. Only five of the NFL's 32 markets have more Fortune 500 companies than the Twin Cities." Good to hear! Then Zygi should have no problem whatsoever getting those corporate supporters to pony-up the money he's begging from the taxpayers.

dmpabloDec. 3, 1111:55 PM

The people are tired of being held hostage by the rich. Want a new stadium? Pay for it yourselves through ticket price, sell apples on the corner, up the beer prices to $30.00 a glass and charge $50.00 for parking. Let's see how much the "fans" will pay for THEIR entertainment. I ate at the Green Mill at Rosedale today. There was a guy wearing a Viking shirt talking about how we need a stadium no matter what. I walked over to his table and asked him to chip in for my dinner tab. He said I was crazy. I told him he's asking ME to pay for his darn stadium. He shut his mouth the rest of the time he was there because other people clapped when I made my statement.

FICHDec. 4, 1112:05 AM

Al Davis beat the NFL in court,the Vikes can move at anytime once the lease is up. Ziggy has never threatened a move he wants to stay in Minnesota. We have a very good owner,who is not afraid to spend money. As far as waiting for better economic times,the public said no then too,ten years ago. The time is now,if I was Ziggy I would be out of here,minnesota doesn't want them.

steavis61067Dec. 4, 1112:10 AM

@dmpablo - "The people are tired of being held hostage by the rich" ............. I agree, however now we are being held hostage by OWS. The difference? Wilf's demands will bring jobs. OWS' demands brings economic ruin. Build the darn thing. I'm all for a little of my taxes go toward it.

uminn26Dec. 4, 1112:19 AM

@dmpablo -- first of all, how rude of you to go interrupt someones dinner to try to make your statement. You aren't cool for doing that. I bet two people clapped and you increased the number for this story to make yourself feel better. Second, we all pay for eachother. It's called taxes. We already pay for everyone else for schooling, health, infrastructure, etc. All are for the good of society, or so we are told. The Vikings are an asset, and they bring in a lot of tax money and boost businesses during those Sundays and Mondays that they are at home. A multi-purpose stadium would also hold many other events for MINNESOTA throughout the year, that we will make money on. That's one of the reasons Zygi wants us to pay for part. So it is our stadium too, not just "Zygi's world". Ask the business owners how great it is that the Timberwolves are coming back -- they are ecstatic. This new venue for the Vikings would be a great asset for the state, even if there are tough economic times. And I am not saying that it is more important than education or health. Those are obviously so so much more important, and Zygi is choosing a terrible time to push this issue. But the man you decided to "embarrass" is correct. We need a stadium for Minnesota's sake. Now everybody clap after I make my statement.

tmwinkel1Dec. 4, 1112:56 AM

GREAT analogy there "pablo"! How does him buying your dinner help/hurt the state? Please, explain that rationale. I don't have kids in school. Why must I pay into the school district? You DO understand the state gets income tax dollars from ALL the players that play a game in the state and not just the Minnesota players? If you take that away, your taxes increase. Choose wisely my friend. Obviously, it is a deeper issue than simply replacing revenue streams but hopefully you understand without those incoming dollars, yours will be outgoing. I bet you had no problem just walking up to a stranger while they are eating and blindsiding them. It’s not that he didn’t have anything to say, it was that he was simply ignoring you and your classlessness.


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