U of M business school seeks higher tuition for its undergraduates

  • Article by: JENNA ROSS , Star Tribune
  • Updated: December 1, 2011 - 11:00 PM
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karlepDec. 1, 1111:02 PM

I'm moving to Canada. Seems like everyone in this country is becoming NEEDY and I am tired of paying for my family and everyone one else who belongs to a "working family". Alternatively, maybe I should just quit working?

luzhishenDec. 1, 1111:19 PM

So students from poor families...the ones who are nickeled and dimed to death...can't go to their business school? No problem. Many MnSCU universities are just as good at a much lower cost...and you don't get taught by some distracted T.A..

northstarstDec. 1, 1111:57 PM

I feel like this could set the ball in motion for much more dramatic increases to vocational feilds like business and engineering. After all, what's your alternative: major in English and be unemployed? The fact is, colleges have no incentive to keep cost down because students will simply borrow more. Or in Carlson's case, there will be students lining up to take the kids who turn down these tuition increases and leave. I don't care what anyone says, the U of M has gotten ridiculous in tuition. It's now has the third highest tuition in the Big Ten for in-state.

halfabubbleDec. 2, 1112:05 AM

Charge more for the majors that actually generate students with skills? Does this make sense? Shouldn't we charge more for majors that generate too many students with no/few job skills?

mugsdilDec. 2, 1112:08 AM

"I'm moving to Canada." Cool. Have fun.

grizzly2011Dec. 2, 11 2:46 AM

Higher education has been run by the liberal left for many decades. Business is one area where the student body does NOT lean to the liberal left. It is no surprise the liberal power brokers at the University want to punish these non-brainwashed students. 15 years ago it was claimed that the Carlson School was one of the only PROFITABLE colleges on the University of Minnesota campus. What changed? Basically, this "tuition surcharge" is a LIBERAL LEFT scheme whereby students from middle class and higher families SUBSIDIZE those from lower income families in addition to paying for more WASTEFUL spending that is largely not needed. Is this fair? NO! Why not charge a surcharge to those who study WORTHLESS SUBJECTS like those in the Liberal Arts school like Art, Theater, Humanities or Women's Studies majors? Why PUNISH those who study something that is actually USEFUL to our economy? This is just one more WEALTH REDISTRIBUTION scheme. The liberal left must be crushed!

acitizineDec. 2, 11 6:06 AM

Lets see...charge more for one of the few majors that students can get jobs with, redistribute wealth, pay staff more and invoke "to keep pace with other schools" to justify it?!? How about if we take all the sick leave payouts and use that to fund it (68 million the last few years?). While we are at it how about a school union, that is all comparable school huddle up and agree not to pay teachers more than a certain amount. This would put an end to the argument that schools constantly make that they need more money/raise tuition to keep up with other institutions. Who protects the tax payers in these deals??????

Thumper5316Dec. 2, 11 6:21 AM

Yeah, like it doesn't cost enough already. So, UofM, how many tenured teachers are being paid their salary for a years paid vacation, er, I mean sabbatical?

jimmyb007Dec. 2, 11 6:30 AM

If you are hiring more faculty based on student need, shouldn't the additional revenue from more students fund these professors. Maybe the dean should go to a real business school and understand an income statement.

minneg56Dec. 2, 11 6:52 AM

Honestly- 1. Carlson is a world class business education ... it's not "one day one night, Saturday's alright ..." , and they are selling their differentiated product. 2. Unlike other fields and schools within the U, these grads will actually have a high probability of a reasonably quick turn on their investment... go on line and see what their average grad earns. 3. Even with $2 large over a few years in increases- business does have a risk component ... and this is an investment- good practical learning experience in my book. 4. If you explore what the most PREP schools in the TC cost, Carlson will still in comparison be less by quite a bit. 5. Finally, it does appear to me that with this product you actually get what you pay for and a high likelihood of a high ROI.


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