One question among many: Capps as the closer again?

  • Article by: La VELLE E. NEAL III , Star Tribune
  • Updated: December 2, 2011 - 2:25 PM

Twins GM Terry Ryan took on that hot potato and more in a talk with his best customers.

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Vikes2006Dec. 1, 1111:34 PM

No manager in history has been more of an enabler than Ron Gardenhire. It turns my stomach as he makes all those excuses for "Morny" and "Cappy" and the boys and then shows he can not manage young players by calling out the Valencias and Plouffes of the team. Supposedly Gardy says he has turned over a new leaf and will no longer use injuries and the DL as an excuse, but out of the other side of his mouth he talks about how "Cappy" battled his tail off last year and excuses his dismal performance by telling of his injury plagued season. I think this year may just be the last one for Vavra, the worst hitting coach in the AL, Mr. "Pitch to Contact" Anderson whose staff had the WORST ERA in the AL and even fearless leader Gardy himself.

BallFourDec. 1, 1111:58 PM

Vikes2006: No manager in history has been more of an enabler than Ron Gardenhire. BALLFOUR: As with so many "fans," hyperbole seems to be your strong suit, Vikes2006.

ahd1Dec. 2, 1112:16 AM

Get rid of Capps. A closer, he is not. He lost too many games for us that he should have won, Perkins would be a good bet.

highaboveDec. 2, 11 4:01 AM

Ryan stated that the Payroll would fall somewhere below the Yankees and above the Rays. Ryan also stated that the Payroll cap is fluid. Maybe the Twins are starting to notice the growing Anger towards a large cut in payroll. Not ONE Member of the Media has challenged the Twins to Justify a large cut. The Twins enjoy a close relationship with the Press, at least in this Market.

buccaneer44Dec. 2, 11 6:30 AM

Did anyone ask Terry how much he plans on overpaying Cuddyer to bring him back??? Did anyone ask him why they are waiting to go after Willingham?? Did they ask how he can plan on using a guy with arguably the worst arm in MLB history as a starting outfielder?? Did they ask why Drew Butera still has a roster spot?? Did they ask how long the leash is on Gardy this year and who he plans on blaming this year when he can't do HIS job?? Ask some questions that people want answered, not the company line crap we hear everyday!!

hankthetankDec. 2, 11 7:01 AM

Does Capuano "pitch to contact"?

bolock54Dec. 2, 11 7:04 AM

Some of these so called GM's on these blogs think they have an answer for everything - It is easy to sit back and criticize every move made...I have done it myself at times....but if you're not really involved in what is taking place everyday, maybe you should lighten up a bit and have some faith in the Twins front office and what they are trying to do and accomplish.............

callmestupidDec. 2, 11 7:09 AM

"Did they ask how he can plan on using a guy with arguably the worst arm in MLB history as a starting outfielder??" I bet it's because he was on Sportcenter so many times as a rookie for making catches that most outfieldrs don't make. So yes his arm is weak but he makes some sick catches, and he's looking like he'll be a good player for the Twins in the future

buccaneer44Dec. 2, 11 7:22 AM

@callmestupid...So many times?? He had the one nice catch at the wall, the other catches are made every night in ballparks across the league. I bet you're one of those guys who thinks Nick Punto saved so many games with his defense too...I know Revere can run, but, he's not a major league arm or major league hitter!! I would wager he is not on any other 25 man roster in baseball!!

buccaneer44Dec. 2, 11 7:26 AM

@hankthetank...I don't know about the pitch to contact angle, but, he has had 2..count 'em 2...Tommy John surgeries!! One needs to ask the question...why, Twins, why???


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