Vikings to help Minneapolis pick stadium site

  • Article by: ERIC ROPER , Star Tribune
  • Updated: December 1, 2011 - 11:14 AM

The team keeps pushing for Arden Hills, but a spokesman says it will assist the city in focusing on one of three proposals.

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imho16Nov. 30, 1111:00 PM

just read that Wilf just bought a 19M apartment in New your own stadium

AnondsonNov. 30, 1111:11 PM

It will be the Linden Avenue site. Makes the most sense.

DanielsonNov. 30, 1111:18 PM

The site in LA looks promising.

vscm2011Nov. 30, 1111:27 PM

Has anyone listed to the cmte hearing yesterday at the capitol. It appears that the state would net a pretty good profit each year once the stadium is built and fully functioning. But during the construction period of 3 years, not so much. So to be jealous of the owner buying an apartment in NY is ridiculous. If the Vikings leave, the state looses revenue. That is why teams can leverage the states or towns to help build a stadium.

vikings0395Dec. 1, 1112:34 AM

I'm gonna laugh so hard at all the anti-stadium people when this gets passed, which it will. Our government won't let them leave, they are a money maker plain and simple.

flashpanhuntDec. 1, 1112:53 AM

I know lots of people are predicting they'll move to L.A., but I like to picture them as the Mexico City Conquistadors. ;) There is way too much debt in play in this state already, and it is fixin' to announce that the state budget has again gone alarmingly red, again threatening epically belligerent budget battles in the state house. Now is not the time for the the rich robber baron to come demanding state money be used to build someplace for his employees to work in. I don't think the NFL would let the team move. Minnesota is a sturdy market with a decent fan base. Wilf will have to bargain in good (well, better) faith eventually. Get closer (or even into) next season, work a voter friendly deal for a stadium in 2015 with rent free dome in the meantime. Yeah...that's the ticket.

jtriceDec. 1, 11 1:01 AM

Wilf can afford it and we can't. With far more important things being cut we need to send a message to pro sports that it's time they pay their own way.

mnmonkeyboyDec. 1, 11 1:16 AM

There have been books written on the economics of stadiums...the money they generate does not cover the costs to the cities and states that subsidize them. If we build a stadium, we need to acknowledge that we are spending is not a profit center...and that is ok, if that's what we want to spend money on....but let's not pretend we will male money.

kidcann2Dec. 1, 11 2:17 AM

Don't worry Rybak--if the Vikes do go to Arden Hills instead of Minneapolis you can use the cash to construct more worthless fountains and racks full of green bicycles. Honestly, you more than anyone should know we're in troubled financial times and yet you spend money on things that would only have merit if we had a large surplus. It is my sincere hope that your arrogance and obtuseness cost you your job.

roundy1945Dec. 1, 11 3:58 AM

"just read that Wilf just bought a 19M apartment in New your own stadium" -- this is old news, he owns 50,000 apartment units nationwide, as well as 26.5 million square feet of retail space (4.5 MOAs), and Harry Wilf theme park in Downtown Jerusalem. He really does not need our assistance.


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