Vikings, Minneapolis will meet again in pursuit of new stadium

  • Article by: Mike Kaszuba , Star Tribune
  • Updated: November 30, 2011 - 10:05 AM
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rabblerouzerNov. 29, 11 9:40 PM

Build it--FAST.

lakesbiisonNov. 29, 11 9:46 PM

Lakesbison's Plan. Zygi, take your $300 million, build a TCF type outdoor stadium at arden hills and make all the money yourself with the condos/tailgate/concessions, you can have it all!

brumski1Nov. 29, 11 9:51 PM

What a waste of time! If we lose the Vikings it will be 100% the fault of Minneapolis! They don't want Minneapolis, they want Arden Hills...Minneapolis, are you taking a-if we can't have them no one will-approach now?

swschradNov. 29, 11 9:51 PM

Minneapolis has been sitting with their thumbs in for 10 years on the Viking stadium, back to Red McCombs. "oh, yeah, love ya here, but we got nothing in this pocket... nothing in this pocket... hey, we're lovin' it, but we just can't help pay, guy." fought every mention of taking the $10 million earmarked for the Convention Center... until today. face it, Flour City, the bus left you at the curb. they're not going to pull over with that finger in the air. and you do NOT have the land to give that the Howling Wilves need. remember, these are real estate guys. the football is the draw to get people to what counts... Wilf Estates Townhomes, the Wilf Towers, Zig's Bar and Grill... the 352 days a year there is NOT a football game on. Minneapolis is loserville here; it's Arden or LA. didja hear Jacksonville is no longer a candidate to move to LA, with two outfits building NFL stadiums? the Vikes are a hot commodity.

ShoreviewerNov. 29, 1110:01 PM

And so it goes. Eleventh hour Minneapolis pushes its agenda to get the stadium. Minneapolis will ultimately get what it wants because the power players work there and live in the western suburbs. So many sports teams on that side of that side of the river. Seems a little greedy and unfair.

farcicalNov. 29, 1110:06 PM

"we think it's important that we stick with the local partner that sticks with us." Like Mpls for the past 30 years and Bloomington for the previous 20? Greed is going to ruin everything. Just build it in Mpls where it can truly be utilized year-round with existing infrastructure and necessary transit routes.

moomoogooberNov. 29, 1110:28 PM

Trying to close the deal before the November finance forcast comes out showing tax payers another $500Million to $1Billion deficit?

williefastNov. 29, 1110:31 PM

Wow. All the negative things people can find... How can we say that this team does not affect the local economy? It would be interesting to see someone do a search to see how many of the season ticket holders are downtown residents??? Not including the ticket holders that just scalp their ticket to the out of town people. All the travel, food, hotels, and shopping that this brings is out of this world, let alone the sports bars and restaurants that air the games on all the big screens.. Hope that the Viking fans that are true fans support this no matter where it is built by fund raisers or donations to help the local economy. I personally am working on something that could help fund a large portion with the help from the entire midwest, not just the local counties.

RossbergNov. 29, 1110:51 PM

Even the sponsors of the yet-to-be-created-plan sounded glum after today's hearing. Wait until they start discussing money and paying for it with gambling revenue and talking about threats of lawsuits if you think today's session went nowhere. Why has the $350 million from Ramsey County issue resurfaced? I thought that was absorbed into the money the state is expected to provide bringing it to $650 million. More about that next week I suppose, but it seems like there are far more unresolved issues after the hearing than before it. How did anyone think this was all going to be debated and decided in a 3 day Special Session last week? Between the 2 hearings it's going to take a full day to just list out what the issues are. If the hearings serve no other purpose at least they'll show everyone that many months of work still lie ahead.

shopsurferNov. 29, 1111:16 PM

I don't suppose anyone bothered reading the article titled "State may face huge new deficit, did they? Just curious, that's all.


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