Trooper was on laptop moments before crash

  • Article by: PAM LOUWAGIE , Star Tribune
  • Updated: November 26, 2011 - 6:06 AM
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richieswensonNov. 25, 1111:02 PM

Sounds like it's time for a statewide crackdown. Perhaps Mothers Against Distracted Troopers can push for laptop interlocks in Trooper's cars?

BallFourNov. 25, 1111:05 PM

Great. More imbeciles. Most people aren't very good at driving if all they're doing is driving. Introduce the cigarette, cell phone or coffee and it truly is amazing we don't have 100 fatals per day per state.

furguson11Nov. 25, 1111:25 PM

It is mildly irritating to see cops drive by holding cell phones to their ears. You'd think they'd at least have bluetooth or a speakerphone in this day and age.

jgreatNov. 26, 1112:01 AM

Am unclear on the law...... what constitutes "distracted driving" and who does it apply to?

gwbuddyNov. 26, 11 1:20 AM

Uhlenkamp said the couple . . . would like their expenses paid and their SUV replaced I wish this couple lots of luck. I once had a traffic accident where a driver claimed that she "just didn't see the STOP sign" and crashed into my car after speeding through the STOP sign. Minnesota is a No-Fault state as far as auto insurance goes. That is code for: "The Auto Insurance Companies Decide Who Is At Fault And How Much". In my case, I was held partially responsible for the traffic accident. Why? Because I was on the road. Wrong Time, Wrong Place? Minnesota's auto insurance laws are unfair!

rhs2005Nov. 26, 11 1:55 AM

Cops are constantly running license plates while they are driving, hoping to get a response back showing that the car is stolen, the owner has a suspended license, etc. It's not policing, it's invading the privacy of citizens. The average person can't look at my license plate and instantly learn who I am and where I live, why should a cop?

gener7Nov. 26, 11 2:22 AM

It'll be interesting to see what, if any punishment is meted out to this cop. In many ways they're like politicians, they feel the rules don't apply to themselves.

ethelmermanNov. 26, 11 2:44 AM

I love you Uhlenkamps! Please don't sucumb to the 20 ambulance-chaser attorney's that must be after you already to get a big settlement. Accept your hospital/car paid for and forget the "million dollars" for emotional costs. Seems nothing intentional other than a trooper doing his job and the force needs to be retrained on computer use while driving. You seem like marvelous people and please try to remember the days before everyone "sued" for something. God Bless!

mothergovtNov. 26, 11 3:28 AM

What is good for us should be good for the troopers as well. Distracted driving is a crime and the trooper just the rest of us need to be held accountable.

hcm1957Nov. 26, 11 4:29 AM

With all the technology we have, Why don't they have voice activated software. They have recorders and video onboard already. This should of been in with the state wide radio ordeal.


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