Face of Occupy protests was inspired to take action

  • Article by: RANDY FURST , Star Tribune
  • Updated: November 25, 2011 - 9:55 PM

"It was about time," said Osha Karow, who saw the Wall Street protests and helped found OccupyMN.

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ginny6Nov. 25, 11 8:42 PM

Thanks for being there, Osha. Word to the county: if money is speech, why aren't tents? Word to the Strib: it's about time you started profiling the folks who are involved in Occupy MN.

jcrew45Nov. 25, 11 9:38 PM

Thanks for being there?? Being there for what? If you want to take action, volunteer at a soup kitchen. Nice soft ball article about a movement without a defined goal. It would have been nice to actually hear what their platform or purpose is. How about asking some questions next time...

officertruthNov. 25, 11 9:44 PM

Oh, isn't it sweet how the media treats these people. Funny how when hard-working Americans who have worked their whole lives and are sick of seeing goverment waste are labeled violent racists but the occupy people are all heroes. You can count the number of arrests at a Tea Party on one hand but there have been thousands of arrests, numerous murders, rapes, and overdoses at Occupy. I am not even a Tea Partier but it angers me to see the hypcorisy that the media exhorts in this.

inkslingerNov. 25, 11 9:46 PM

What a bunch of nitwits. The people that have these huge college loans and are irate at the banks that made them are going in the wrong direction. Instead of blaming the banks they should be looking at the colleges that are looking for gigantic increase on an annual basis. One other thing, you signed a legal contract now find a job, yes, they're out there, take a bath and get to work.

dmhennenNov. 25, 11 9:53 PM

hang in there buddy....keep up the good work.

katnltdNov. 25, 1110:05 PM

the money you wasted changing you name could have been put towards paying down your student loans on your medical bills. But no. Be more of a burden than you are. Go sue your stepfather and grow up,

herekittyNov. 25, 1110:26 PM

What a stupid article. The guy could get MN Care for his health issues. His debt is his own problem - not mine. They have no message - it's different in every city. Here they're now trying to frame it as being about homelessness and that's why they NEED to sleep in tents on the plaza because doing so is the only way to communicate their message. Really? I thought it was about the rich 1%. Pull your heads out, get jobs, and quit squatting in our government plaza.

bowserharmonNov. 25, 1110:27 PM

i am going to "occupy starbucks" they charge too much for special coffee drink...who is with me?!?!

pic6325Nov. 25, 1110:46 PM

The Occupy movement may not be pretty but they legitimately represent the working poor. Compare that to the teaparty who congregate in caravans of motor homes and support the millionaires.

zeldacNov. 25, 1111:21 PM

As a 67 year old conservative, I can agree with some of the Occupy statements, but they do their cause a disservice by appearing as "loafers", disenchanted kids of rich parents, lazy drug infested, twisted minds. Who paid for their expensive Ipads, etc. Until they prove they can work, in fact work at something, the tax-paying citizens will not accept them. And to cause millions of tax-paying dollars to be needed to clean up after them just adds to their poor image. They will never get acceptance till they change their behavior no matter how rightous their cause.


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