Wisconsin's Walker at heart of emotional workers' rights battle

  • Article by: JIM RAGSDALE , Star Tribune
  • Updated: November 20, 2011 - 11:25 AM
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zulu226Nov. 19, 1111:03 PM

As usual the Strib will screw it up. We live in a representative republic, not a democracy.

hendr757Nov. 19, 1111:11 PM

While I support Governor Walker, the entire political process in this country is pathetic. First Obama and the Democrats ram through Health Care reform without a single Republican vote and then Wisconsin Republicans strip public unions without Democrats even present in the state. Everyone one of them should be thrown out of office.

bormimernNov. 19, 1111:13 PM

The writing is as weak as ever in the rag. Once you are an Eagle scout you are forever an Eagle scout. There is no such thing as a former Eagle scout. How do these inept writers and editors get hired?

brokeagainNov. 19, 1111:20 PM

"...the national battle over limiting government vs. protecting the middle class has created a state of political siege." Interesting phraseology used by a leftist-leaning newspaper. I'm middle-class, and I live in Wisconsin, and Walker simply making public employees pay a small amount towards their OWN healthcare and pensions has helped my community immensely. That phrase should have stated "...limiting government vs. greedy public union bosses who use the working man to enrichen themselves." BTW, what does article by "Star Tribune" mean? SOMEONE wrote this article, didn't they?

gps1010Nov. 19, 1111:35 PM

For here on out when Wisconsinites boast and taunt us with their precious Packers, the coup de grace comeback shall appropriately be: "At least we don't have your embarrassing politics."

mylittleidNov. 19, 1111:35 PM

The Wisconsin unions offered plenty of concessions. Walker wanted to destroy them anyway because his real motivation is politics, not budgets. He wants to take away a major source of funds for the Democratic party. He is far more concerned with getting more votes for Republicans than he is with doing what is right for the citizens of Wisconsin.

krz007mnNov. 19, 1111:48 PM

What a buffoon that compares the suppression of human rights in Egypt to the paring back of the bloated cushy benefits for public employees. Ridiculous

spendmoreNov. 19, 1111:54 PM

Walker's February bill aimed at fixing the state's immediate budget problems and essentially did away with the need for unions representing teachers and state and local workers. - How can this be a bad thing? People keep their union dues and can invest them for their retirement. Also, they can then survive on their own merit and not have to put up with the person that won't work and is protected by the union. Its a win-win situation all the way!

born2playNov. 19, 1111:54 PM

Union dues in themselves amount to a good chunk of income being forced from the hands of public workers. Stop giving campaign donations to politicians and they'll be plenty more money for the workers to keep for themselves. Which brings us to the question as to why political donations would even be necessary if the unions were not looking to get even more out of the system than they already have. All this while when WI public workers weren't paying a dime towards their own healthcare and pensions, MN public workers have been paying towards their healthcare and pensions exactly what WI public workers are required to pay now. So don't see what cause they have to whine. (And, yes, I am union.)

potter101Nov. 19, 1111:55 PM

Watch closely regressives this is your future, I remember when walker stripped the union and how pompous he was pounding on his chest. I wonder after months of bull horns blaring through his window and no one listening to his garbage about job creation, a lie, money saved, a lie,and a better future for Wisconsinites, another and probably biggest lie. I wonder how much this Brownie is pounding on his chest now. Your future, regressives, this is your future. Watch close


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