U.S. policy shift gives illegal immigrants hope of staying

  • Article by: PAUL McENROE , Star Tribune
  • Updated: November 18, 2011 - 6:48 AM

Revised focus on deportation enforcement will affect hundreds in Minnesota.

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born2playNov. 17, 1110:28 PM

Obama just keeps lowering that bar, doesn't he? If you recall it was just over the summer when Homeland Security/ICE announced that they would but focus on illegal immigrants with criminal records. Now, here we are but a few months later and we're already down to focusing on illegal immigrants with only "serious offenses." So, does the Obama Administration -- which is clearly playing politics on this issue in advance of the election -- get to choose what offenses are serious enough to warrant deportation. And what do you tell the mother of those children killed in a school bus in Hastings after an illegal alien ran a stop sign? That running a stop sign isn't a serious enough offense to justify deporting someone? Just pathetic.

t_stevensNov. 17, 1110:36 PM

So it's OK to break the law here (be an illegal alien) if I'm non-threatening? What’s the purpose of this policy except to require our government to borrow more money to pay for welfare and piss people off who have the LEGAL right to be here? Nothing else.

inrealityNov. 17, 1110:39 PM

We should be able to handle all illegal immigration cases and not have to pick & choose. If the federal government doesn't have the resources to handle one of their primary duties (enforcing our border & immigration policy) then they need to shift resources from other areas that are not as important.

nonewtaxesNov. 17, 1110:44 PM

Is the administration grooming new voters?

gps1010Nov. 17, 1110:46 PM

So, if I got a speeding ticket and I didn't consider it a serious offense do I have the luxury of just ignoring the law and not paying it? If I use someone else's identification to apply for a job or buy a car or get government assistance should I also be immune from the consequences on account that the offense is "not that serious?" And what do we tell those who were courteous of our laws and went by the book in applying for LEGAL immigration and have been literally waiting for years for their applications to be approved/determined? There is no universal right for people to come to America. Sorry, but there's only so much room and resources here.

tedsterNov. 17, 1111:20 PM

Send them all packing.

spendmoreNov. 17, 1111:32 PM

Wow, our president saving more jobs... So sweet. He is the saviour... please keep me from fainting....

spendmoreNov. 17, 1111:34 PM

Jimmy, I know it sucks, you can't have the job at the fast food place, cause an ILLEGAL took it. I would just go and protest wall street. The government has your best interest in mind.

toby3061Nov. 18, 11 2:52 AM

This problem will be solved on November 6, 2012!!!

mcjoe1Nov. 18, 11 2:53 AM

Nice try spendmore - we all know Jimmy thinks he's too cool to work at the fast food place. Outsourcing and H1B visas have a much greater impact towards unemployment of US citizens. Call them whatever you want, but many of these immigrant families have children that are US citizens. Minnesota has become their home. Maybe you should treat them more like a neighbor than an enemy.


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