Best Buy employee latest to protest midnight Black Friday opening

  • Article by: WENDY LEE , Star Tribune
  • Updated: November 17, 2011 - 2:23 PM

Using the same petitioning website, a Best Buy employee says retail workers deserve a full holiday with family.

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parksoy125Nov. 17, 1110:02 AM

The only way to eliminate this is FOR PEOPLE TO NOT GO. You don't have to go shopping just because they are open. They are open because there is a demand for them to be open. People come, and come in droves and spend money. Businesses are out to make money. DON'T GO! Stay at home with family where you should be. If you put material items ahead of your family that is your right. However to allow workers at these retailers to stay at home, DON'T SHOP! Talk about an addiction. Americans are addicted to consumption and materialism. Take a stand. You don't really need that technical what-ch-ma-thing. Seriously, give your priorities in life a little thought. Thank God I'm not in retail. I hope others who are either get out or flat out enjoy their limited time with family.

SRTommyNov. 17, 1110:25 AM

I think we should just do away with all of the holidays now! It's gonna happen eventually anyway! Gone are the days of family time. Nobody cares about family anymore. Anyone care to disagree. If so...prove it. Not your own experiences...everyday life has to count in your explanation.

teapublicanNov. 17, 1110:31 AM

Oh please! It's obvious that the employees don't know a darn thing about running a business! The business is not there for you to have a job....the business is there to make money for the owner that invested their hard earned dollar into the business. The owner(s) realize that there is additional profit to be made by opening at midnight so they will open then. It's all about making money. Be thankful this job creator hire thankful you even have a job....and if you don't like it then quit and go to work somewhere else! That's the American way!

louperNov. 17, 1110:42 AM

Seriously? If you don't want to work it, I bet there are plenty of unemployed Americans who would take the opportunity to earn some money by having an actual job. These people should lose their sense of entitlement and realize it's called "work" for a reason.

gsacksNov. 17, 1110:43 AM

Parksoy hit the nail on the head. Besides, the best deals are online anyway. If you must shop, shop in your slippers at home.

ai720jrzyNov. 17, 1110:44 AM

Im going into work around 4 weds afternoon. I hope to be off by 6 thanksgiving morning. After cooking, eating, and (hopefully) sleeping, I plan on being back on the clock by 11. I will work til 7 then be back again around 430 til 10. Sat and Sun are 6-3ish. If you dont like making money, your s o l

scottkyNov. 17, 1110:46 AM

The answer is not to make retail a career choice. My wife did, and now we are paying for it. But it does allow me to sleep in on Black Friday...

siouxfansNov. 17, 1110:47 AM

I hope Rick Melaragni has his applications from McDonald's and Burger King filled out and ready. Something tells me he is going to need them soon. What an idiot. Why would you apply for a job that you KNEW would be open on a holiday or some other special occasion like this? Why not just call in sick rather than blab your big mouth an lose your job? Like I said - what an idiot.

bubba425Nov. 17, 1110:47 AM

Working retail includes working late Thanksgiving night/Black Friday, if you don't like it, change professions. Many people have to work odd times or holidays. Those in the medical field don't want to work them either, but they have to. As an IT guy, I have to work over holidays as well, I don't like it, but its part of my job, so I deal with it.

joshrocksNov. 17, 1110:47 AM

Retail workers complaining about working over the holidays - lol. That's like tax people complaining about 70 hour work weeks in April, or construction workers complaining about 12 hour days in the summer. Part of working in retail is understanding that from thanksgiving through new years is a huge working period. If you're not ok with that, don't go into retail. Everyone knows this (or so I thought), and everyone involved with a retail company takes their vacation to make up for lost family time in January/February.


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