Editorial: Health care clarity needed from court

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  • Updated: November 16, 2011 - 7:02 PM

Nation best served by a definitive ruling -- sooner vs. later.

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lorenpillerNov. 17, 11 4:52 AM

The Supreme Court would have acted sooner, but they had to read the law first. I will be quite surprised if any state is foolish enough to spend any time or money on this law, until it is determined by the Court to be constitutional or not. This boondoggle by Congress is unaffordable and will go the way of Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid. Kaput. There is no more money left to afford much of anything anymore.

twinsajsfNov. 17, 11 8:05 AM

loren--Really, you think we're just going to end Medicare, Medicaid and Soc. Security? No, it's just that until now, we've chosen not to make any tough choices about them, or Health Care. For example, should we really cover millions of dollars of expenses during the final few months of life? Should all citizens have access to health care, regardless of ability to pay? Should we require everyone to carry health insurance, or just wait until critically ill and show up at the hospital, requiring much more for care at taxpayers expense? What is a reasonable retirement age today, and what size benefits should be provided? etc., etc. Even though the average person has not seen any increase in real wages over the past few decades, our economic output has increased severalfold and remains the largest in the world. This allows us to right the ship and resolve all of these issues just as soon as we have the political will to do so.

sunburstfarmNov. 17, 1110:02 AM

Clarity in the law didn't matter much to the Star Tribune editorial board when the democrats passed a 1900 page law that no one read.

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