Twins showing interest in Willingham, Doumit

  • Article by: JOE CHRISTENSEN , Star Tribune
  • Updated: November 16, 2011 - 12:14 AM

Outfielder Josh Willingham and catcher Ryan Doumit could be on the team's radar.

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bobo72Nov. 16, 1112:13 AM

You can do whatever you want with the offense, but until this pitching staff is upgraded, there's no chance the Twins will go anywhere north of .500. Whatever Terry Ryan wants to think about his skills, his winning was done with guys like Johan Santana and Brad Radke leading the charge. He got outstanding years from Eric Milton and Carlos Silva and Joe Mays and Rick Reed and benefited greatly from Liriano's insane rookie season during his first tenure as GM as well. But this crew? Until you consider trading Carl Pavano and re-investing that $8 million toward a #1 or #2 guy (like Edwin Jackson), this team doesn't move forward. Lirano's an enigma now, and Baker hasn't pitched a full season since...well..ever. If Terry Ryan doesn't feel he needs to drastically upgrade this pitching staff, he's much more arrogant beneath the surface than the Twin Cities media believes. He ALWAYS benefited from excellent pitching. Always. Time to upgrade, Cowardly Lion. Ship Pavano out and put that money toward a bigger investment in front-of-the-rotation pitching.

norcaltwinNov. 16, 1112:37 AM

I understand that the Twins are in a bind with low talent through out the org. But I wish that the writers would stop mentioning Butera as ANY kind of option. He is not a major league ball player and is a waste of roster spot. Maybe MLB could introduce a rule that a player can count towards one half of a roster spot if he never bats during the season. Then you could pair that up with the DH to qualify as a full spot. But until that time, Butera should be DFA.

tracymnNov. 16, 11 1:10 AM

I agree the pitching needs to be upgraded but the Twins may just have to wait for some of the guys in the minors to develope and just have a few years of 500 ish ball. I'd argue with anyone that there isn't any one starter or even 2 guys out there that the Twins could sign this year to make them contenders this year....any combination of Buehrle, E Jackson, CJ Wilson or Oswalt would still put them behind Detroit and they would probably have to over pay with there being few quality starters on the free agent market. I'd like to see Doumit signed--he can hit, he offers flexibility in the field, he can hit, he's insurance if Joe gets hurt, he can hit, and his name isn't Butera.

hugelatsNov. 16, 11 6:04 AM

Wouldn't it seem prudent if Doumit is a reincarnate of Morales, to just go out and bring Morales back? He'd certainly be cheaper.

bolock54Nov. 16, 11 6:49 AM

Finally,,,,,,looking at an outfielder (right handed) with some possible power.....I CAN'T BELIEVE ITTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT.......

hans2515Nov. 16, 11 6:49 AM

Bottom line the Pohlads are the richest owners in MLB. If they dont upgrade this team the stadium will have 10K fans in the stands next year. Winning creates excitement as well as revenue. Willingham would be good and anything is better than Butera. Even a cardboard backstop would be an upgrade.

bmcgrath2Nov. 16, 11 8:03 AM

Okay, this is what makes me irate. We lock up Mauer to an 8yr/$184 mil whale of a contract to be our everyday catcher for the next 8 years. Instead, we are scrambling to sign/trade for a backup catcher to make up for Mauer not living up to his end of the deal. And how is Drew Butera STILL on a Major League roster? Hitting .178 over 376 career AB is just an absolute joke.

buccaneer44Nov. 16, 11 8:07 AM

What are the Twins waiting for on Willingham?? He is a beter player than Cuddyer and not as costly!! I am sure he would write a blog if asked and give an interview or two. (Or in Cuddyers case, daily!!) Let's hold off and see if someone else grabs him first!!

aphlolNov. 16, 11 8:23 AM

"Showing Interest" is Twins boot licking Strib speak for no chance in hell of the Twins acquiring these guys but we'll float the idea to perpetuate the flimsy facade that this team cares about winning....why else accept a lower payroll as a "necessity" and not challenge the Twins brass in print on that?!!

twinsfanwy1Nov. 16, 11 9:13 AM

I'd like to see the Twins sign both Doumit and Willingham. That would mean Revere would be the 5th outfielder, spelling Span and Willingham. But Willingham would be a big-time power upgrade over what we've had out in leftfield for some time. I like the Doumit signing because the guy can hit, play multiple positions, and would be a threat as a pinch-hitter. I would definitely keep Butera. The guy is great defensively, and the pitchers love to throw to him. Yeah, yeah I know...he can't hit worth a lick. But Doumit could pinch-hit for him in big situations, and Butera could pinch-run for Doumit late in games, be a defensive replacement, etc...Butera isn't a basestealing threat, nor is he speedy, but he is a good, smart baserunner. These signings would give Gardy a lot of flexibility. If the Twins can still sign Cuddy or Kubes, position players should be about set. Ryan will still need to address pitching needs.


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