Fleet Farm counters exploitation accusations

  • Article by: TOM MEERSMAN , Star Tribune
  • Updated: November 15, 2011 - 2:39 PM

The company vehemently denies charges by a laborers' union of exploitation at a construction site.

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LISATOTUSHEKNov. 16, 11 4:49 AM

I know 2 people who have worked for Labor Ready, earning minimum wage for doing physically intense jobs. Labor Ready may charge $19 per hour from the company they contract with and keep most of the money for themselves. It sickens me to see people, desperate during this economy, working for chump change. And Labor Ready and companies like it take advantage of this desperation.

doctorpepperNov. 16, 11 8:14 AM

Labor Ready is a scum company. Their local managers are worked like dogs by their task-master district managers. Corporate doesn't give a rip about their own employees much less the temps they hire.

r2d2midgetNov. 16, 1112:18 PM

Former Mills employee here, and I find it absolutley hilarious that they got caught doing this. They go WAY out of their way to try and proove to every customer that they're a "family" business. They have signs outside the GasMarts stating that they only sell tobacco products in order to keep up with the competition, but they'd rather not. They're always pitching the wholesome image. Keep it classy Mills.

fatlibNov. 16, 11 1:10 PM

the union is so far out of line here. The story certainly doesn't show any pattern of misuse of workers. This union spokesman is lying through his teeth. Big Surprise!!!!

gregunionNov. 16, 11 4:15 PM

Would that be the same flag waving,apple pie & motherhood loving Fleet Farm, that with in hours of the 9-11 attacks more than doubled thier gas prices? Must be.

jbpaperNov. 16, 11 8:41 PM

"The union has distributed leaflets alleging exploitation to shoppers at Mills Fleet Farm stores in Oakdale, Blaine and Brooklyn Park." --- Are they using actual union members to do this or did they hire a bunch of temps for minimum wage like they do when protesting other companies?

djfesterNov. 16, 1111:22 PM

If there is any truth to these allegations, it is Labor Ready that should be investigated and protested against. Whoever decided to use Labor Ready workers MAY be partially to blame, but ONLY if that person knew ahead of time that Labor Ready only pays their workers minimum wage. Does the union have any solid evidence of that? If not, then they should back off of Fleet Farm and go after Labor Ready, IMO.

jackpinesavNov. 17, 11 8:27 AM

just keep electing free market politicans and everyone will be working for $8.00 without medical; that will fix the country, won't it?

cjwildNov. 17, 11 9:57 AM

I remember $3 gas making the news right after 9-11 at the Oakdale Mills Fleet Farm. Find a TSC or Menards better companies to spend your money with.

rightyonNov. 17, 11 7:21 PM

Just leave it be folks. The bottom line is that this company is taking the chance and expanding in this economic turmoil. A Minnesota Company that is. As having once owned a business, I realize what it feels like to take risks. The saying goes, He who takes the biggest risk, should reap the biggest reward. It doesn't appear that Mills is intentionally taking advantage of anyone. It is not uncommon to use temporary work agencies to find short term help. The Temp workers (minimum wage or not) have choices, do I want to work, or do I not want to work today? I applaud them for going to work. Some people would actually rather work than collect unemployment! (this is a concept some people can't fathom) I think the people that are complaining most likely are unemployed and would rather wait for that perfect job at their former pay rate to come along, rather than stoop so low as to go to work for what is available and make less. Sure, just sit back and collect the unemployment checks. Shame on the unions for being so one sided and self righteous. Makes me wonder who is actually being vocal. Is it the union exec's that are worried that their coffee won't be made for them in the morning when they show up at the comfy office while they are collecting their big union salary for nothing in return?


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