Gambling debate: A wager on the state's future

  • Article by: BAIRD HELGESON and ERIC ROPER , Star Tribune
  • Updated: November 13, 2011 - 6:11 AM

Expanded gambling could earn the state hundreds of millions of dollars. But critics point to legal hurdles and social costs.

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mudcatgrantNov. 12, 1111:25 PM

When in doubt, turn to gambling. For years the politicians tell us that it is nothing but evil. But put them behind the financial eight-ball and suddenly it is the answer to all of our problems. Gambling is nothing but a wealth transferring system, creating nothing, but as long as the pols can skim off the top, they will play it off as our financial cure.

geekfreedomNov. 12, 1111:27 PM

If the state has to turn to gambling to solve its budget woes, we have real trouble. It's a desperate move. Revenue is revenue. How many of the top 2% are going to buy pull tabs or hit the casino?

xyzzy72Nov. 12, 1111:27 PM

Electronic pulltabs would be a flop. When Mystic Lake converted their machines from quarters and quarter payouts to paper and electronic versions, I quit going there. No more kaching, kaching. It was boring and simply was no longer worth driving there. I believe that electronic pulltabs would have the same effect. The manual effort of pulling off the cover is lost and the response from electronic pulltabs is too quick. Again, this would be boring. An MOA casino, on the other hand, would make a lot of sense, assuming that it can be done under the contract that the state has with the tribes.

boozleNov. 12, 1111:38 PM

Why not legalize marijuana and put a small tax on it and we could have a new stadium, new infrastructure and a whole bunch of state of the art school buildings. Just a thought...

kennyrogersNov. 12, 1111:39 PM

Gambling is stupid and it's stupid for a state government to have it's grubby fingers in it. Do the right thing and raise revenue with something fair and honest and tied to the ability to pay.

george13Nov. 12, 1111:45 PM

Absolutely ridiculous. If people don't have money for taxes they certainly don't have it to throw away on gambling. This is a non-starter.

mcjoe1Nov. 13, 1112:01 AM

If we allow a gambling expansion, then we should be prepared for the long term social cost. Don't get shocked if the poor continue to stay poor, and others in the middle class that become gambling addicts join them. A higher percentage of elderly running out of money and ending up in state nursing homes.

LandsharkNov. 13, 1112:02 AM

Put up to ten slots in each bar and have a 50/50 split with the bars and the state. We would have enough money to build a stadium and pay it in full in two years or less. And, create several new jobs throughout Minnesota besides the folks building a new Viking complex.

jimcrackcornNov. 13, 1112:18 AM

Duh...we already have gambling in this State.....except the State isn't reaping the benefits

LinksterNov. 13, 1112:30 AM

I am sooooo tired of the same BS rhetoric about expanded gambling bringing societal woes. Perhaps those with that argument are unaware that we ALREADY have gambling in this state. We already have all the societal ills (if there are any) that go along with it. We just don't have any of the financial benefits that go along with it because the Native Americans reap those benefits. The rest of us are apparently just too stupid to reap the financial benefits for ourselves.


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