A good target for League of Women Voters

  • Article by: LORI STURDEVANT , Star Tribune
  • Updated: November 12, 2011 - 3:32 PM

The voter ID push is ripe for a pushback from an organization that has long pushed for access to the polls.

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jarlmnNov. 12, 11 6:16 PM

Supposed lack of access seems the core of the mush-headed opposition to voter ID. Therefore, if they *really* wanted to make sure that certain populations are not "disenfranchised," The Leaky Women Voters would muster a campaign to get people to the places where they can get said ID, or spring for/lobby for accessible ID locations/outreach. Why is this SO hard for the Left to wrap their support around? After all, the Left has no problem whatsoever mustering 'activists' to register people to vote and to provide rides to the polling places. Yet now, they are *somehow* powerless to help their follow citizens get ID ... ID that can come in very handy for many other things besides voting. You'd think they'd want to enfranchise people to get ID, not leave them without. The Left are masters at 'keeping people down,' while smugly posturing to protect and aid them.

ranger1873Nov. 12, 11 7:20 PM

The reason is simple, jarl. You know what it is. Democrat corruption is so deep and so rampant all across the country that without a way to cheat they actually feel disenfranchised. As for this column, this is just little Lori doing what she's told.

luv2lisnNov. 12, 11 7:52 PM

"core of the mush-headed opposition to voter ID.".....This from a mush headed troglodyte that would deny any number of far more qualified voters than he. Voter ID is just a code word for disqualifying as many legitimate voters as possible simply because they may be more likely to vote democratic. Voter ID is likely to be more abused by republicans trying to define what is acceptable as an official ID. Deep in their moldy excuse for a heart they relish the idea that they can define a legitimate ID as one that includes a pledge to be republican, and top that off with their plan to create as many phony ID's to allow multiple voting by their idiot cronies as to steal even more elections than they already have.

goferfanzNov. 12, 11 8:44 PM

"""Leaguers have good answers: Showing IDs would prevent only one kind of fraud -- one voter impersonating another"""---->Again, very revealing as this claim proves this column is built upon lies. Showing ID's prevents multiple types of fraud, to include a person voting multiple times, at multiple locations. It was also include helping prevent noncitizens voting. The usual lib meme is that "a noncitizen would never dare vote for risk of being identified and arrested." Of course, this never happens because the system isnt designed to catch impersonators, only catching felons who are foolish enough to vote under their real name. In reality, noncitizens are voting to elect politicians who in turn would grant amnesty (can you say Al Franken?). They, in effect, view themselves as modern day freedom fighters in a political movement. I have met several of these people, who offer no apologies. It is scary to think the League is this niave--- if the quotes attributed here are true......... How would Lori and the League feel about on-site digital photos of people voting without proper ID? The photos could even be sent to the SOS office for an official state ID then mailed to the address. Let's see how many ID's get returned ;oD Somehow, I dont think the Lori's will go for this idea.............

luv2lisnNov. 12, 11 9:01 PM

"Showing ID's prevents multiple types of fraud, to include a person voting multiple times,".....BS, it is only a minor technical effort to create a fraudulent ID to disabuse anything the repugs could come up with. in fact that is exactly what I think they are planning: they will define what constitutes a valid ID eliminating anyone their voter identification program comes with as a democratic voter, and the they will duplicate them like crazy so they can vote in place of the democratic voters they have displaced. The repugs are pushing for this so they can perpetrate the FRAUD OF THE CENTURY and turn this country into a monocracy.

jarlmnNov. 12, 11 9:03 PM

My dear Luv2lisn luvs to regurgitate leftist talking-points without clearly stating *exactly how* making efforts to equip folks with some ID disqualifies them or disenfranchises them. If anything, it is the opposite. Having good ID will equip them to vote without a hassle at the poling place and be useful for all sorts of other things. I luv how the knee-jerk left conjures-up all these spurious 'Jim Crow' connections, when there are none. Well then, perhaps leftists like Luvs2talk should then reconsider their opposition to gun control, which actually was originally a 'Jim Crow' scheme to keep firearms out of the hands of blacks. Betcha Luvs didn't know about that part of history. Pity ya had to hear it from a "troglodyte."

goferfanzNov. 12, 11 9:39 PM

luv2lisn = doesnt like to listen. Great moniker! How is it BS that in my job i have met numerous noncitizens who admit to voting? Honestly, I dont even begrudge them because they often have young kids, and if their actions get the kids citizenship or medical or food benefits, what parent wouldnt do it??? In their situration, I would. Conversely, I think it is pure insanity for our country to admit it has over 10 million people here illegally, and then to not ensure valid elections, especially in a computer era ----which could do this easily. Is that BS? Really?

luv2lisnNov. 12, 11 9:58 PM

"How is it BS that in my job i have met numerous noncitizens who admit to voting".....Either they are lying or you are. based on the posts I've seen I know which it is.-----"and then to not ensure valid elections, especially in a computer era".....We already have valid elections, there are just some people who aren't smart enough to figure that out, their prejudice blinds them.

goferfanzNov. 12, 1110:52 PM

"""We already have valid elections""" Yeah, you keep telling yourself that :OD That's why our federal debt has soared from 8.5 trillion to almost 15 trillion in less than 5 years. You luv 2 listen, but I guess only to your own monologue. You should check out Jason Lewis's radio show, he epitomizes a person in sililoquy mode, similar to you. Or, as you state so well, you are simply a liar. Your posts on this topic make the final conclusion so very, very easy............

mcjoe1Nov. 13, 11 1:43 AM

I might be willing to trade up Voter ID if it were in exchange for anyone to register as a permanent absentee voter and/or secure online voting. Voter ID is useless against absentee ballots.


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