Playing politics with Minnesotans' welfare

  • Article by: LORI STURDEVANT , Star Tribune
  • Updated: November 10, 2011 - 3:04 PM

Partisan finger-pointing and blame-laying are to be expected when Minnesota competes with other states for merit-based federal grants and loses.  But not when it wins.

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gcrileyNov. 10, 1112:59 PM

When asked whether a state legislator ought to try to control federal spending, Hann said, “It doesn’t seem like Congress is doing a very good job, so somebody should.” --- Me thinks this boy has gotten a bit too big for his britches.

jrn56Nov. 10, 11 1:00 PM

So if he blocks the money going toward a good cause in Minnesota the money will then go to another state. A brilliant move just to make a political statement.

gcrileyNov. 10, 11 1:03 PM

Wow, a state legislator has now appointed himself to do the Federal legislator's job. Bit of an ego trip there.

danielfbooneNov. 10, 11 1:05 PM

Hahn needs to get our of the Capitol and spend some time visiting and explaining to those most affected by his unilateral decision why he wants to cut critical care for the sick and elderly in order to preserve tax breaks and benefits for our wealthiest citizens and the World's most profitable corporations.

kkjerNov. 10, 11 1:06 PM

Now the Republican leaders want to kill kids? What the hell is going on? If one kid dies because of this, the entire Republican Majority should charged criminally.

humph010Nov. 10, 11 1:27 PM

Mr Hann needs to personally visit every potential recipient of this money and explain to the person and their family why he opposes this. I don't think that holding down federal government spending is more important than denying his neighbors, relatives,and other citizens of Minnesota the opportunity to enjoy quality of life with a life-damaging disease.

tupelohoneyNov. 10, 11 1:27 PM

It is another liberal game. The federal government awards OUR tax dollars back to our state and others for entitlements which then become permanent. The DFL and liberals will scream when the money runs out and the GOP says we will not increase taxes to continue the charade. Libs will say the GOP is making draconian cuts and is heartless... wash, rinse, repeat... The liberal game continues.

one4thepeepsNov. 10, 11 2:22 PM

Hann's manuever goes against every standard of fairness and compassion that make this state such a great place to live. As long as GOP stands for Greed over People, we need to sharply speak out against the selfish grandstanding repsonsible for such decisions. Hann put his own far right agenda over the needs of ordinary folks. Sounds like a familiar story for Republicans nationwide. It's time we send them the ultimate rebuke in 2012.

slappy069Nov. 10, 11 2:25 PM

Wouldn't it be great if no one had to work and everything was free and we could all sit at home and watch the View? Except what would the left protest then? At some point the house of cards will collapse and the deficit spending will turn around and bite us on the backside. What happens when the freebies run out? Dog eat dog and a hot time in the city. Enjoy.

TeddyWelshNov. 10, 11 2:28 PM

According to the Tax Foundation study for the year 2005, Minnesota received 72 cents in federal money for every federal tax dollar paid by Minnesotans. That ranked 45th overall. This has always rankled me. If we get some more dollars from the Feds then we should take them particularly for the needs outlined in this article.


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