Gophers direct anger inward over Wisconsin's conversion try last year

  • Article by: PHIL MILLER , Star Tribune
  • Updated: November 10, 2011 - 12:02 AM

Minnesota players blame themselves more than Wisconsin coach Brett Bielema, whose call for a two-point conversion with a big lead late in last year's game upset former Gophers coach Tim Brewster.

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redwallNov. 9, 1112:11 AM

I live in WI and I can tell you Bielema has a reputation of being a "no class" individual. He lost me when his Badgers beat up on Austin Peay 80-0 two years ago. What a clown. Saying he has a good relationship with Bielema is the first thing Kill has said that disappointed me.

youknowit123Nov. 9, 11 2:06 AM

classless act, bret bieliema, just like all things in cheeseville. farve, woodson, wi fans, etc.

podman64Nov. 9, 11 7:30 AM

Bielema always tries to run up the score. Going for 2 when ahead big deal, leaving starters in to beat up on teams like last week 64-15, that's low. Last years Rose Bowl representative, the team and coach would not shake hands after their loss, as the Wis fans yeld the F word at TCU fans. Class, never from Wisconsin.

notsidNov. 9, 11 7:49 AM

Bielema is just that kind of a guy who will rub it in and the only way to "get back" at a coach like that is to field a team that is good enough to beat him and even to drub him. Otherwise, if you are fielding a non-competitive team as Brewster was. there is really nothing that you can do at the moment other than to smile and congratulate the other coach on his win and the play of his team. Kill may not be able to bring the Axe back this weekend but he may be able to be more competitive that was Brewster given that he does appear to know how to coach while Brewster clearly did not. Tell me again why Maturi hired Brewster in the first place?

mlbcdsNov. 9, 11 7:52 AM

Boo hoo hoo. Here's a crazy thought...maybe they should have stopped them from scoring in the first place. If this is the depth of motivation for the Gophers to payback Wisconsin...Bucky is going to hand Goldy another whooping this weekend.

vikings1Nov. 9, 11 8:39 AM

"Bucky is going to hand Goldy another whooping this weekend" Kind of like the "whooping" you put on MSU and OSU?

CoynerNov. 9, 11 8:55 AM

First off, who needs a card when you're up 25 with six minutes left? And if you did, why would a 27-point lead be so much better than 26, when four TDs and four extra points would still get the job done? The move was classless, but he got away with it because nobody respected Brewster. I would have respected him more if he didn't lie, and simply said he wanted to stick it to Brew.

allsportsmnNov. 9, 11 9:21 AM

I'm no Beilema fan either, but I don't get what the big deal is. Who cares if you lose by 27pts or 26 pts, so who cares if they went for 1 or 2. We got our butts kicked - period. I'm more concerned about what are we going to do about it on Saturday. Whatever his real reasoning was, I think his excuse was lame. I'd have just said, "we wanted to try a 2 pt play in a game situation to prepare for down the line when we might actually need to run it." If they'd have then onside kicked it, and tried to get another touchdown, now that would have been rubbing it in.

twinsfan69Nov. 9, 11 9:31 AM

Beilema is truly one of the "Bad guys" in sports. Zero class, zero respect for the game, and absolutely oozing with condescension. He happens to be a pretty good football coach so, unfortunately, he'll probably be around for a while, but he is one of the easiest sports coach I know to root against. I found it a little more more difficult to "hate" the Badgers when Alvarez was at the helm.

ceeray34Nov. 9, 11 9:41 AM

vikings1--When was the last time the rodents put a whooping on anyone?


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