Nov. 8, 2011: Minnesota Poll: Marriage amendment divide is deep

  • Article by: RACHEL E. STASSEN-BERGER , Star Tribune
  • Updated: September 26, 2012 - 1:10 PM

48 percent in the Minnesota Poll said they favored amending state Constitution to allow marriage only between a man and a woman.

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murielpuceNov. 8, 1112:28 AM

Headline should read 48% of those polled are frighten easily and are intolerant.

ammunraNov. 8, 1112:30 AM

It's going to be a very long year.

jimiekNov. 8, 1112:38 AM

The perfect wedge issue for the elephants---family values, sex, religion, fear and bigotry. Why not join the 19th century?

jones09Nov. 8, 1112:47 AM

Supporters of this amendment are pure evil.

atlmikeNov. 8, 1112:53 AM

really? lawmakers have no other problems to deal with? so i suppose the state has no deficit, crime rate is zero, and everyone has a job?

juliecarNov. 8, 1112:54 AM

I am voting NO because I really don't like the state telling me what I can do in my personal love life. Not saying I am lesbian, but if I were? I sure wouldn't want Bog Brother telling me that marrying someone who I love and care about doesn't meet the requirements of law. What will the state take from us next if we let them invade yet MORE of our personal freedoms? Marraige is NOT a christian concept. They need to stop thinking it is. They use religion to force it down the throats of the people. Seperation of CHurch and State for a reason. This law would allow christian rhetoric to be force fed to thousands of Minnesotans who are not even Christian.

krugerscottNov. 8, 1112:54 AM

First off I am a consertive republican, secondly I am not in favor of the ban on gay marriage.These days both side want an all or nothing,I would rather see a law passed alowing a civil union between same sex partners with the same rights as a traditional man woman marriage.This I would hope would satisfy both sides.I came to this conclusion after much thought about homosexuality.The gay people whom I have had discusions with all tell the same story about knowing at a young age that they were different, it was not a choice.I also read several medical journals that stated there were biological differances between gay and straight people and that there were differnt degrees of homosexuality just as there are degrees of other traits we are born with such as ADD or Dyslicia( excuse the spelling).No one should be punished for the way they are born.For those of you who say they are not defective,I have news for you we are all born with some defects, sicence has yet to find someone with perfect DNA.Lastly gays do not threaten my beliefs or my own way of life.My marriage was more about the vow I took in my church than a certificate I got from the state.Churches should be able to folow their own doctrine and marry those whom fall with in those parameters.I still dont understand the attraction people see in the same sex but I do understand their point.

freedom001Nov. 8, 11 1:11 AM

jones09 said, "Supporters of this amendment are pure evil." ..................... Supporters of this amendment are truthful, and informed, and not easily fooled.

twincitizen1Nov. 8, 11 1:28 AM

Very interesting. I didn't think there would be a correlation between income and opposing the amendment, but I suppose that goes hand in hand with being more educated. Basically, the more educated one is and the more money one makes, they are less likely to be a bigot who wants to restrict other people's rights. The age correlation was expected of course. Young people today just aren't as hung up on sexual orientation as previous generations. That is one of the most powerful arguments for voting against the amendment. Everyone knows that marriage equality is coming...the writing is on the wall. How many states is it legal in now, like 7? Ten years ago, that number was zero. This amendment is merely an effort to delay that outcome, nothing more. I had to laugh at males being more in favor of the amendment than women...what is wrong with us? White men are the last bastions of bigotry and racism on this planet. They have forever owned everything and made the rules for everyone and they will do anything to prevent that from changing. Full disclosure: I'm a 30 year old white male. Straight, but not narrow. VOTE NO!

flogicNov. 8, 11 1:33 AM

Some of us are against marriage period, and could care less who you "marry", as your religion is none of my business if it does not hurt me. The government even carrying about marriage is a huge fail safe in the seperation of church and state. Always has been. Worse yet, I believe marriage is a good thing, when it is not dumbed down by government. It is a very personal and emtional thing. Which is why it does cause so much divide. However, a person choosing not to be marry and stay single is just as equal, but in our nation this is NOT the case. Some how that is not a travesty in a nation that prides itself of fairness. Can your holy crusage for gay marriage, and can your current institution of hetrosexual marriage. Either you love someone and commit to them forever or at least a lifetime or you don't. The money made on marriage certs can be easily made up with a racino!


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