Minnesota Vikings hoping supporters spread stadium video

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  • Updated: November 7, 2011 - 6:28 AM

New online video tugs at heartstrings, history.

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coachchilliNov. 6, 1110:44 PM

What a joke! Billionaire owners trying to get a bankrupt state to pay for a new stadium for their millionaire players to play 8 Sunday afternoons each winter. 2-6

poknyvikingNov. 6, 1111:05 PM

You're not from MN,are you? Neither am I but I hope they build the VIKINGS a stadium and it provides all the owners promise it will. I've been a MINNESOTA VIKINGS fan living here in NEW YORK STATE since 1973. To me they are inseperable MINNESOTA...VIKINGS!

westerndukeNov. 7, 11 5:37 AM

For the rubes who do not want the state to help pay for the stadium you need to understand that the vikings, the players and vendors are paying around 30 million dollars per year in state taxes. The stadium will put around 7000 people to work for 3 years!!! Its not just about football. Know the facts.

dwhoytNov. 7, 11 5:47 AM

The Wilfs have been great owners and could have sold long ago like our former used car saleman owner did from Texas! Instead, they've got the vision to work with the Ramsey County group and try to put together a plan for a new stadium. Will the Wilf's make more money? Yes, of course, but so will the state, Ramsey County and our ailing state economy. It's time to "put up or shut up" people! Screw around long enough...and the Wilfs will stop being patient and end up in a beautiful new stadium in another state anyway. Make your choice!

norsegodlokiNov. 7, 11 6:35 AM

This is a pathetic last ditch scare tactic to get a new stadium that the Vikings DO NOT NEED, period. They want a new stadium so they can keep up with the Joneses. They seem to think that the taxpayers have all this money, that the state coffers are overflowing, & that it should be mostly paid for by the people-rather than the Brothers Billionaire, the MN VIKINGS, & the fan base. Absolutely disgusting attempt to use the force & machinery of the state for private gain/profit.

zoilovNov. 7, 11 6:55 AM

Build it, or they leave...there's no middle ground. 67% of Minnesotan's surveyed support keeping the Vikings, 33% want them to leave. Unfortunately, the 33% are more vocal, just look at the comments on any article about the stadium.

sportcity444Nov. 7, 11 8:05 AM

If the Vikings leave it would be a huge loss for the state of Minnesota and the region. Stop thinking about the short term .01 cents you'll be paying for the stadium and start thinking about the good of the state for the long run.

norsegodlokiNov. 7, 11 8:44 AM

I do not know what is more pathetic: The Wilf Brothers who are NJ real estate billionaires & the MN VIKINGS INC ($650 million value) pretending that neither has the money or the ability to mortgage their assets to secure the funding for a new stadium OR a ignorant fan base that insists that the MN VIKINGS INC are such an asset & generate so much money for everyone simultaneous to the demands for the $750 million in public funding subsidies to build a stadium largely at the expense of the public. Both positions ignore the reality of the situation.

dancingpotNov. 7, 11 9:25 AM

OMG ! That video is so pitiful ... it should be shown on FailBlog !

unionlaborerNov. 7, 1110:30 AM

Anyone that says the Vikes are not part of Minnesota heritage..Guess again because you're wrong..


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