Jesse Ventura loses bid to halt airport searches

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  • Updated: November 3, 2011 - 11:18 PM
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corvidNov. 3, 11 7:35 PM

Once again, the self-centered, self-absorbed, Just-me Ventura has to make it all about him. Why not make it a class action suit and do something for humanity for once instead of merely trying to attract attention to yourself this way because all your other careers are washed up?? Maybe he can (ghost) write a book about it...

tinosaNov. 3, 11 8:07 PM

You go Jesse, let the other sheep fall in line with big goverment. Then when they complain that their freedoms are gone, who will they have to blame?

eastsidetomNov. 3, 11 8:09 PM

Maybe he has a titanium plate in his head as well? What's with this guy anyway? It always something strange to keep his name in the news. He pulled off the biggest farce ever perpetrated on this state, it was a grand opportunity to really be a regular man's governor and he blew it by turning it into an attempt at enriching himself. One long, 4-year scheme. Go away now Jessie, people are just not that interested in your act anymore.

jackeluNov. 3, 11 8:26 PM

There are many of us with replaced parts Jesse so get over it,,,,I would rather have a pat down then a plane blown up,,,you always did think you were special,,,Ha Ha

thome2011Nov. 3, 11 8:42 PM

If you think this is the end of this, think again. Jesse is like the rest of us- fed up with the government tyranny

videocatNov. 3, 11 8:52 PM

re: "I would rather have a pat down then a plane blow up." The government has already started "soft" searches in bus depots, subways, schools, and even shopping malls for whatever they perceive to be suspicious activity. They are plucking your civil rights from you one feather at a time. People should be able to travel freely, once inside the borders of this country, without having to submit to searches on the whim of a TSA agent. It's a violation of the 4th amendment, pure and simpl "Your papers, please." Get used to hearing it. Now you can go back to your remote control.

blondambtnNov. 3, 11 9:13 PM

videocat..."People should be able to travel freely, once inside the borders of this country"??? What? Like there are no dangers inside our borders?? Get used to go back to your remote control.

BallFourNov. 3, 11 9:23 PM

Hey got his name in the mah-ah-eee-dee-ah again, that was the goal.

rr300021Nov. 3, 11 9:26 PM

Everyone's so scared of the underwear bomber, even though he only succeeded in lighting his own crotch on fire. Now the government is claiming the legal authority to stick their fingers down your daughter's pants (which they do on these so-called "pat-downs"). I hope Mr. Ventura continues fighting these unconstitutional policies in the court of appeals.

dlfriesenNov. 3, 11 9:26 PM

Jesse Ventura has been embarrassing himself ... not to mention the rest of us ... long enough. Just go away.


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