Mayo study unlocking the secrets to aging?

  • Article by: NICHOLAS WADE , New York Times
  • Updated: November 3, 2011 - 12:38 AM

Hailed as breakthrough, Mayo study finds cells that hasten aging.

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samsmith1972Nov. 3, 1112:46 AM

Who the heck wants to live to be 120. Guess what, you think your health insurance and taxes are bad now...wait until this is an option.

RanickNov. 3, 11 2:16 AM

This would be great. Who want's to die? Not me. You could fill volumes of Sci-Fi novels with the potential social problems this would create. Number one, if you think the richest 1% are under fire now just wait until science actually figures out how to greatly slow or stop the aging process. It's very possible they will be the only ones who could afford it. Talk about the potential for dynasty building. Can you imagine mega rich family patriarchs living to be 120 years or maybe even longer? Who's to say 200 years won't be possible through science in the not so distant future. This kind of thing could establish what amounts to a different species, one where the mega rich live for centuries and the lives of the middle class and poor are measured in decades. The other possibility is the treatment is made widely available and then the population of the Earth spikes wildly out of control causing famine and struggles for energy and food resources that are no longer be able to sustain the population. The mind reals at the staggering implications of extended life! It's a crazy concept if you sit down and really start to ponder it.

rdnxxxNov. 3, 11 4:40 AM

So what do you think the side effects of this drug could be. No thanks.

ennuiathonNov. 3, 11 6:16 AM

The reason the genetic treatments that they use on mice haven't produced tangible results is that we as a society haven't gotten to the point where we can deal with our current extended lifespans. The extra burden placed on our society by extending life further is too much for our more conservative politicians to handle. I would like to see our lives extended but doubt whether our politicians will allow the hospitals to follow along with this line of research, similar to the oil company controlled politicians putting the kabosh on EESTOR because it is too early and rapidly converting to a supercapacitor based society would be too disruptive to the 1%.

jrswanNov. 3, 11 7:00 AM

Guess the retirement age will move to 110. You better like your job!

doorstopNov. 3, 11 7:37 AM

I'm with the other commenters on not wanting to be superannuated, for the reasons already cited, plus I know there's a better life after this one. It would be great, however, if the aches and pains and other afflictions of old age could be eliminated without necessarily extending our lifespan. So here's a question for y'all to ponder: If given the choice between dying at, say, age 85 with no afflictions or living to 100 and taking your chances on afflictions, which would you choose?

DacotaNov. 3, 11 8:01 AM

rdnxxx ... "So what do you think the side effects of this drug could be?" >>>>> Health insurance costs so high that it'll kill you.

bigpkdNov. 3, 11 8:02 AM

Many posters have raised legitimate concerns regarding extending the lifespan of people on earth and/or creating a race of wealthy overlords. However, what if this therapy was only given to astronauts on a mission to the nearest solar system? They would need to have their lifespan extended even if they could somehow be placed in suspended animation. I know it is corny and maybe to sci-fi for most, but if you don't look beyond our current state, you'll never get there.

cobrettiNov. 3, 11 8:16 AM

An interesting article about research advances into the aging process and there are already two rants about "the 1%". Seriously? Maybe you should consider the benefits to you and your loved ones and not how it will unfairly benefit someone else. With that much anger and envy built up it won't matter how long you live, because you'll still be unhappy.

oimmigrationNov. 3, 11 8:39 AM

Only the rich will be able to afford it, and afford to live longer. Life isn't fair.


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