At polls, the biggest battles will be over school funding

  • Article by: CURT BROWN , Star Tribune
  • Updated: October 29, 2011 - 8:43 PM

Campaigns large and small are making grass-roots appeals ahead of a decade-high number of levy requests next week.

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unionsrockOct. 29, 1111:18 PM

Many are hurting financially, but schools have been tightening their belts for a long time. It's time to invest in our kids' future. Vote 'Yes' on your local referendum.

themarshotelOct. 29, 1111:37 PM

This can't go on people. We need to rally together to say enough is enough. They have enough plenty of money, they just have too much Admin and too much nonsense being taught. Our seniors and some of our struggling families cannot afford these shakedowns every couple of years. It never ends. If they win this time, they'll just be back at the trough again and again. The education lobby is like Groundhog Day. Entrenched teachers who aren't accountable based on performance, curriculums that have exploded into pc social engineering at the expense of core knowledge, and an insatiable budget that will never stop growing. Vote No.

thatisright1Oct. 29, 1111:40 PM

Most school districts have demonstrated that they're mostly incompetent in terms of efficiently and responsibly spending tax-payer dollars. This needs to change now!

comsenOct. 30, 1112:33 AM

So typical - unionrock says vote for more money now. That is where the money has gone - to the union. Vote for more money and more money will go to the union. Million dollar retirement packages, protection of bad teachers, WI even had two days off of school for the Union that was finally stopped by some people who want the taxpayers to get their money's worth. Here's an equation. Unions + Democrats = bad but expensive education.

djlesherOct. 30, 11 1:51 AM

I will support school levy requests when... Teachers lose tenure and are paid by there abilities not the number of years of failure. When... teachers join the real world, like the rest of us, and have health and retirement benefits that are not gold plated with no co-pays and pay them more retired than when they worked. When... Public schools can teach pupils as well as there private parochial counterparts that get better results for half the money ( and don't lie to me about them hand picking the best student as two of the biggest Catholic schools in Minneapolis have taken many under priviledged inner city kids and proved it can be done). AND WHEN I stop seeing news articles about these broke school districts going out and giving all the kids a laptop or whatever to waste our tax dollars more. While not all teachers fall into all of these catigories and many are great hard working people. The utter ignorance of statements like districts have been tightening there belts for years have to be shown for the lies they are. the only belt tightening they do is threaten to remove sports and bus routes and bigger class sizes instead of fixing the real issues... bloated and unrealistic pay and benefits packages. Lets do the math... almost $10,000 per student or more... 25 students per class... you add it up.

cindystratt1Oct. 30, 11 4:00 AM

How many of the nay sayers want to tax Minnesotans for a new sports stadium without a vote? I'd rather invest in our kids.

MickeyOct. 30, 11 4:03 AM

Didn't a ton of money from the stimulus go to education? How much do they need??

cydni97Oct. 30, 11 5:06 AM

cut all admin. staff by half for starters. and do matching 401 ks instead of taxpayer funded pensions.then go to a 12 mo. school year.say goodby to all public sector unions. problem solved.

coldbikerOct. 30, 11 5:33 AM

I wonder why parents don't put that kind of energy into changing school funding formulae such that parents pay for schools based on how many kids they have?

roundy1945Oct. 30, 11 5:40 AM

What? Polls to decide the fate of school funding? No polls to decide the fate of millions of dollars to enrich a NFL billionaire? Is this another fine example of Daytonian economics?


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