Stadium talks set at Capitol for next week

  • Article by: KEVIN DUCHSCHERE , Star Tribune
  • Updated: October 29, 2011 - 1:00 AM

On TV Friday night, Dayton said he likes electronic pulltabs as one possible funding source. And Legacy funds are still on the table.

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drudgemonkeyOct. 28, 11 9:05 PM

Yawn....move 'em already. MN will never fund a new stadium.

gbp1953Oct. 28, 11 9:07 PM

The Packer organization is about to offer a stock sale for approximately $200/share. Buy a share, be an owner and be done with all this silliness. Welcome aboard!

norsegodlokiOct. 28, 11 9:07 PM

"Dayton said he likes electronic pulltabs as one possible funding source" Gimmicks? The stadium will be funded with gimmicks & accounting trickery? You seriously have to be kidding me.

norsegodlokiOct. 28, 11 9:11 PM

"And Legacy funds are still on the table." Legacy funds are constitutionally mandated to be spent on artsy stuff-not sports entertainment venues. This is a clear proposal to breach the state constitution. ANY & EVERY politician that concurs with use of legacy funds for the stadium needs be recalled NOW!

drmccoyOct. 28, 11 9:11 PM

1) Ford Plan closing. 900 good jobs lost. 2) Lockheed Martin going. 1000 $100k/yr jobs gone. 3) 1 out of 17 bridges in MN structurally deficient. 4) and so on. Basic economic development 101 states that if you must provide entitlements to something, it should be high tech manufacturing. The worse thing is tourism. This is a fact. What in the heck are out leaders doing? Rome is burning! But they provide "bread and circuses" Corporate Welfare.

tradecuddyerOct. 28, 11 9:25 PM

Make the taxpayers fund the new stadium....them rich yuppies living in the burbs can afford higher taxes... get errr done!

mmcfetrOct. 28, 11 9:30 PM

Get a grip. Funding for a Vikings stadium is way down on the list of priorities. Taxpayer money should put people to work building roads and bridges. Don't get suckered by the "going to LA" threat. With their record this year, Zygi would have to kick in a bundle to get another city to take them.

furry1Oct. 28, 11 9:46 PM

Just swap the numbers and it'll work. The vikes pay $750 million and the pubic picks up $407 million of the tab, $300 million from the state and $107 million from the county or city. That''s actually a realistic amount where the city would see a net benefit. $750 million means that the community would spend more in interest payments than it would be getting back in increased business and taxes.

drsinbcOct. 28, 11 9:47 PM

Within ther next 60 days this will get approved and ground breaking will be next summer.

vettedehayOct. 28, 11 9:49 PM

The vikings have been around for how long, they werent the montana vikings,or north dakota vikings, they have always been the minnesota vikings. Just because you dont like sports doesnt mean others havent gone to games with their parents and grandparents year after year,or watched them every sunday. They are just as much apart of the heritage of this state as hunting and fishing. If we build a stadium they will be here for another 30+ years, sounds like a legacy to me. In an ideal world wilf would build it himself, in the real world owners dont. Its the way it works. People want taxpayer money to go to things they like, and people to fund that, well it works both ways, so if you dont watch or go to the game thats your choice but i fund stuff with my taxes i never use, so suck it up, and who knows if you actually watch a game you might like it


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