Program offers promise for state's 'unadoptables'

  • Article by: JEREMY OLSON , Star Tribune
  • Updated: October 28, 2011 - 9:33 AM

Child-focused recruiters can speed adoption for kids, especially older ones, who languish in foster care and risk "aging out."

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drdingbatOct. 28, 11 8:11 AM

Gosh, I thought the pro life Christians(INO) would be grabbing these folks up so their shouldn't be a problem. What gives?

alaskanredOct. 28, 11 8:17 AM

I don't understand. I always hear that there are a bunch of families who would be happy to adopt as an alternative to abortion.

biggertenOct. 28, 11 9:04 AM

Dave Thomas, founder of Wendy's, sure was a wonderful guy. He made good, and put his money back to where he came from. My hat goes off to him, and his daughter, who continues his good work.

ldinmnOct. 28, 11 9:25 AM

I agree...why aren't the pro-life Christians putting there money where there mouth is and adopting these kids? There used to be pro-life billboards that said along the lines of 5 thousand couples wait to adopt every year...In my mind, I would change it to 5 thousand couples wait to adopt (perfect, white, babies) every year.

bobbyorr4Oct. 28, 11 9:44 AM

You don't get it, there talking about older teenage children, not babies! They are the difficult ones to find homes for. Families think of adoption as only the perfect little babies they can raise in a loving home, but few want to deal with the enormous mental health issues the older foster children have..

fishingmnOct. 28, 11 9:46 AM

Adopting a baby is totally different than adopting an older child out of the foster care system. Every child in foster care had their parental rights terminated and likely has had a traumatic childhood which causes all kinds of challenges for them and their adoptive parents later in life. I should know, since we adopted an 11 year old 4 years ago. It's a challenge every day but I know we are doing our best to provide a better life and better chance at succes. As our Children's Home Society case worker said "despite all your efforts they still might end up in jail". Maybe all the anti-Christian's can back off since the ones commenting have never attempted anything so selfless as putting your life on hold for years to try to make this child's life better.

erick316Oct. 28, 11 9:46 AM

congratulations to @alaskanred for correctly using "there" in a sentence. @drdingbat and @ldinmn, it's hard to take your comments seriously when you haven't put they effort in to use "there/their" correctly.

voldo40Oct. 28, 1110:09 AM

Congrats to you Fishingmn, I have a lot of respect for people like you. I hope things work out for your family. Call me nuts, but I don't understand the fascination with having to have your own children. I don't have children, but someday when the time comes it just makes sense to me to adopt an unwanted child versus creating my own. I understand people wanting the pro lifers to step it up in adoption, but no one should be pointing fingers unless you've been there and done that!

kjmartinnOct. 28, 1110:20 AM

I'm quite familiar with many pro-life evangelical christians. As a group the pro-lifers are pro-life when it doesn't cost them anything and they get to point fingers. Complex,expensive, questions like how should society take of those with severe disabilities doesn't matter once they are born.

wipp67Oct. 28, 1110:51 AM

@Erick316 - if you are seriously going to critique another person for their grammar usage you should probably do a once over on your own work first...


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