Rybak: Not too late for Minneapolis site for Vikings

  • Article by: MIKE KASZUBA and ERIC ROPER , Star Tribune staff writers
  • Updated: October 28, 2011 - 9:44 AM

The Minneapolis mayor uncorked a complicated funding plan for new Vikings stadium, and said that any of three sites in the city were cheaper than building in Ramsey County.

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ltdgvmtmavenOct. 27, 1110:40 PM

Rybak - stop going on junkets to France and get a job in the private sector, will you? Oh wait. What employable skills do you really have?

mitchrapp27Oct. 27, 1110:40 PM

Wow what mayor. This guy steps on his soap box with an ill conceived, and ill advised plan...at the nth hour. It makes me wonder what he does with lower profile issues for the city. The mayor has failed Minneapolis again...

webb93Oct. 27, 1110:47 PM

Lets get this built in Arden Hills!! If rybak wants to keep them in MN, lets put a Casino in Block E! Monoploy for the indians ends! Provides jobs, minneapolis will thrive with the traffic coming and going to the casino and mn keeps the vikes!! very simple. Now lets see if the mystic lake bought gov will go for this!!!!

Daniel888Oct. 27, 1110:48 PM

Is there nothing else to report about except the daily drivle of the Vikings Stadium? I'm a Vikings fan and I am sick of it.

deprozOct. 27, 1110:53 PM

Enough already, the public does not want to pay for this. Offer Ziggy the dome for $1 to improve with his own money if he chooses. If that's not good enough for him he can hit the road.

MoojaOct. 27, 1111:06 PM

NO public money for private special interests.

twinsfanwy1Oct. 27, 1111:16 PM

I don't like the comment at the end by the politician who states its the Vikings owners and the NFL who will decide if the team leaves or not. That's BS! This has been poor political planning from tyhe onset. Over 15 years ago Red McCombs was appealing to legislators for a new stadium. They scoffed at him. I remember statements, such as;" What are you woried about? Your lease runs for x-# of years. And you're making plenty of money anyways!" Sounds like another Minnesota politician with a drink in his hand to me. That politician did NOTHING! Why wasn't there a movement to set aside some proceeds from ther annual Minnesota budget to help fund the new Vikings stadium? Greed! Incompetence! The Metrodome has been, since its inception, a 2nd rate football stadium. Our team has lost its edge from the days of the Ol' Met. The days when we worshipped the Norse Gods. When we anticipated the falling snowflakes, ice and the frozen field. We've fallen behind Chicago and Green Bay because we've given away our edge. I am not against the Vikings getting a new, modern domed-stadium. Oh, contrare! With modern technology we can have close to the same type playing field. We need to keep the Vikings in Minnesota! We just have to!

Lifeguard06Oct. 27, 1111:18 PM

the people saying no are the the same ones that only caused the twins stadium to be more expensive in the end. Just build it already.

treddleOct. 27, 1111:20 PM

Increased sales tax? On top of the 17% property tax increase my neighborhood and I just got hit with even though the value of my house has dropped? And the state republicans take away the homestead deduction for another increase? The FAA decides to increase the flights going directly over my neighborhood by 35% and the city is going to increase my taxes? The metrodome never generated any investment or development. Target Field hasn't and neither has Target Center. Stadiums are terrible investments just talk to any economist. They don't generate jobs.

jrock612Oct. 27, 1111:20 PM

Built it in Arden Hills. Built it right the first time. No Ziggyland. Put all the money towards the stadium, roads, and a basic surrounding with parking capacity. Let investors buy around the stadium and pay premium tax.


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