Flu shots less effective than thought

  • Article by: MAURA LERNER , Star Tribune
  • Updated: October 27, 2011 - 8:06 AM

U study finds "major holes" in vaccine, but that's "a lot better than zero," researcher says.

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glamorousvivOct. 25, 11 6:00 PM

I find it interesting how all of a sudden...within the last year, as we march closer to obamacare taking over...all of these precautionary vaccines and tests are being deemed 'unnecessary' or 'ineffective' by 'the experts.' Mammograms and tests to pre-screen the possibilities of testicular cancer that have been highly recommended by the health community and US Health Department for years and years...out of the blue, with no previous warnings, no longer seem important. It begs the question, how much of this is really true, and how much of this is just a way to keep a $$ cap on the new health care system. Lord, help us all.

nomedsOct. 25, 11 6:01 PM

Here's a very partial list of flu shot ingredients: • Ethylene glycol, the scientific name for antifreeze. • Formaldehyde, nicknamed "the embalmer's friend." • Aluminum, a known carcinogen with links to Alzheimer's disease. • Thimerosal, a form of mercury, the most toxic of all the heavy metals.

kumashirosanOct. 25, 11 6:05 PM

Well, knock on wood but it's been almost a decade since the last time I've had the flu and I've NEVER gotten a flu shot before and no, I'm not one of them super sanitary germophobic people either. I think some of them "studies" really were overrated.

folden1Oct. 25, 11 6:23 PM

The Navy forced me to take a flu vaccine shot in 1983. Two weeks later I got the worst case of flu in my life. I haven't been sick since. My immune system must have been supercharged by the disease so I guess the vaccine works. in a manner of speaking.

thehoffersOct. 25, 11 6:24 PM

I may not "throw away an iPhone 1.0", but I may avoid buying one in the 1st place until a better one comes along.

j58501Oct. 25, 11 6:24 PM

I was a dummy and received the Flu shot for many years. Last year I decided enough was enough and did not get the shot. I will not get one this year either. I have not been sick with the flu for over 20 years and I think the H1N1 flu and the the annual flu shot is a scam for the big Pharma to make more money off the American people.

nomedsOct. 25, 11 6:51 PM

Had a business partner get a flu shot some years ago and I didn't, and he really, really got sick with the flu; whereas, I never got the flu shot and never got sick. I then decided I needed a smarter business partner.

katstpauliOct. 25, 11 6:51 PM

I've only gotten a Flu shot once in my life, they were offering them free at work one year so I got in line... a week later I had gotten more sick then I ever had been in my ENTIRE life, had to call my 75 year old dad to come and get me because I was too sick to drive myself home. Hadden had the Flu since H.S. and all of a sudden I was bed ridden for three days. Never again will I get a Flu shot.

gopher68Oct. 25, 11 6:53 PM

I'm not a doctor or an epidemiologist. But that won't stop me from using personal experience and other non-statistically significant observations to make sweeping comments about the efficacy of mass immunizations.

spendmoreOct. 25, 11 7:03 PM

Navy would force you to get them or hold your paycheck. That being the case, I don't want what's in it!


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