Hwy. 52 between Rochester, Cities dangerously behind the times

  • Article by: KATIE HUMPHREY , Star Tribune
  • Updated: October 23, 2011 - 11:17 PM

Time, money needed to improve safety, officials admit.

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worldpieceOct. 23, 11 9:36 PM

It's all about proper priorities....money for choo choo trains, bike trails and stadiums but not a penny when people are dying by the basket full. Politicians are crooks.

ovie3420Oct. 23, 11 9:49 PM

Thanks for the half story Strib!

tietacOct. 23, 11 9:57 PM

The "locals" speed, drink. and don't stop for stop signs No one in rural Minnesota has a working seat belt.

hueylongOct. 23, 1110:00 PM

But the Republicans in D.C. continue to deny any type of funding which would help make Highway 52 safer. Yes, to your face, they are telling you that they are working hard to make highways safer but behind your back they are using every means possible to block legislation which would improve Highway 52. Judge a politician by their actions, not by their words.

AlaskaJimOct. 23, 1110:01 PM

Slow Down! Get off the phone! That highway is perfectly safe if you use a little common sense.

loveylou1947Oct. 23, 1110:14 PM

OK,SO instead of worrying about a Viking stadium, and making Ramsey county pay a half cent tax, why don't you have the whole state pay a half cent tax! That way we can have the stadium and a lot left over to fix up our roads and make up for our states Budget short fall! Man whats a half cent, I see Penny's on the ground all the time that people don't want! Maybe if we all chipped in we could solve our own problems!

adjacentOct. 23, 1110:27 PM

Crossing Hwy 52 is a Russian roulette. Even trying to merge from Goodhue county 9 is dangerous. County 9 is deceiving because it seems a road in the middle of nowhere, but from on side brings all the traffic from Northfield, and from the other side from Goodhue. It definiotely needs an overpass. But, to some people a couple of lives lost a year are not worth a slight increase in taxes, Well, there you have it.

northbordersOct. 23, 1111:06 PM

Just one of many Minnesota roads that need adjustments that are decades overdue.

liberaleliteOct. 23, 1111:24 PM

I just drove this stretch on Friday, and I saw the new crossing south of Pine Island. The article mentions "anticipated growth" in the Elk Run project. Despite articles in this newspaper before which showed that the project is going nowhere and the growth isn't happening. So it's truly a shame that the Elk Run interchange has been prioritized over existing intersections which actually need the help. How about the stoplights in Cannon Falls? The busy and dangerous CR 66 crossing in the valley south of Rosemount? The busy county road crossings between Cannon Falls and Zumbrota? These intersections need new interchanges in the name of safety far more than Elk Run needs an interchange in the name of "anticipated development."

liberaleliteOct. 23, 1111:26 PM

Worldpiece, more bike commuters died on Minneapolis roads in 2010 than on this stretch of highway. There were stories in this very newspaper all the time about bicyclists dying on the streets of Minneapolis. Bicyclists AND motorists need safe roads, whether they are in Minneapolis OR Goodhue County. Agreed?


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