Patrick Reusse: U defense shows effort, but results don't follow

  • Article by: PATRICK REUSSE , Star Tribune
  • Updated: October 23, 2011 - 1:13 AM

The Gophers' continued ineptitude on offense resulted in another blowout loss.

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clownsuitOct. 22, 11 8:33 PM

Watching USC beating Notre Dame, puts this team, the Gophers, in perspective. Remember our first game? (19-17) The coaching staff is real good at putting a bold face on things; we need time, one year, two years, etc. blah, blah, blah. To anyone in attendance today, you realize that this coaching staff has underachieved; badly. Any sign of good teams and good coaching comes by seeing a team progress over the course of the season. Obviously, in the first year of his tenure, Jerry has lost this team. He's awesome at charming everybody, he even has me charmed. But that sad FACTS are that this team is not performing anywhere near where it should be. The cupboard was not left completely bare by Brewster; remember, we finished the season with wins against Illinois and Iowa. This is more embarrassing than Brewster's tenure, and I thought nothing could be worse. In the mean time, I'm tired of "Jerry this, Jerry that", blah, blah, blah. His cliches and pat answers are more charming that Brewster, but his overall performance as a coach, this first season, has been abysmal.

gener7Oct. 22, 11 9:27 PM

After hiring Brewster, why would anybody think that Maturi knows anything at all about hiring a football coach? Today didn't end up as badly as I thought, but then, it was 34-0 at the half. Two weeks to prepare and this is the best they can do? Maturi needs to be gone next year and Mr. Kill needs to be on his heels.

btaleenOct. 22, 11 9:38 PM

The Gophers are so bad and uninteresting I can't even find the energy to rip them. They are just a bunch of young men who should be playing Division 2 at best.

samclemensOct. 22, 11 9:59 PM

How is getting your but handed to you 41-14 a moral victory? It seems that the definition of a moral victory is a bit cocked. To gain a moral victory, you at least have to be competitive. This team is not even competitive against NIC teams, or former NIC teams (North Dakota St.). This team would more than likely struggle in the MIAC. And the best college football coach in the state still resides in Duluth. Go Bulldogs!

carotzOct. 22, 1110:07 PM

They could have stopped that second drive of the game except for jumping off side and lost a sack. Young teams do tend to have a hard time changing momentum. I think that has been one of their bigger problems this season - things go wrong and they can't get it turned around. I'm hoping they start to see improvement in this area this season. They did make some good plays. They need more of them especially after the other team gets a break.

gogophersgo1Oct. 22, 1111:09 PM

It's pretty amusing that indeed the Gophers may have had their best defensive performance today, and yet were down 34-0 in the first half. The lack of upperclassmen, especially on the lines, is just killing them. They'll get better slowly as they mature. But th eline play makes everything else look that much worse, and they obviously have there problems too. If i"m not mistaken, if you look at the three-deep depth charts at all 4 D-line spots and 5 O-line spots, there's 4 seniors total on the depth chart and almost everyone else is a frosh or soph. A good team can hide one or two kids on the lines, but no one in college football - NO ONE - is successful with that kind of youth on the lines. It's just a fact of the roster right now. Give it time. They may not be winning Rose Bowls, or even be .500 in the Big 10 immediately, but they will certainly at least be more competitive than they are now as these kids grow up a bit. Might be 2013 though.

earthandskyOct. 23, 1112:01 AM

The young man in the picture is this team in a nutshell. Down 27 to nothing and he's near his offensive counterpart who drops a ball in the endzone and he taunts the guy with an "X" gesture with his arms. I'm not quite sure what that means, but I'm assuming it means if you throw it there again, it will probably be touchdown. Down 27 to nothing and a Gophers DB thinks its appropriate to taunt the opposition... we'll see how serious Kill is about making his players be accountable. I'm guessing it's just lip service.

steam1Oct. 23, 1112:27 AM

After 50+ years of this I finally got this figured out! If a player is outweighed by the opponent by 100lbs fire the coach! If player has less football acumen the his opponent fire the coach! If a player runs slower than his opponent fire the coach! Football is soooooo simple really, that if we get the right coach our players will instantly gain 100lbs, run 10X faster and triple their football intelligence. Jesus Christ couldn't help these poor kids win a game. To win a football game you have to have players with (big word coming up) TALENT! The reason Minnesota can't win is because of TALENT! Nebraska wins because of TALENT. That is what makes good teams good and bad teams bad. A coach CANNOT take a team with no talent and coach them to the Rose Bowl. A note to all to complainers about going to division II, firing the coach, etc. You are part of the problem, not part of the solution! Go crawl in a hole and shut your mouths! As for me, I am a Minnesotan, the U of M is OUR university and I am standing by them even in the darkest hours!!!!!!

mythologerOct. 23, 1112:40 AM

I have not seen any evidence of good coaching. Fooled again.

gener7Oct. 23, 11 3:58 AM

Hate to keep harping on Mason, but he took a lot of so-so recruits, put them in the weight room and turned out some darn good offensive linemen. You can't coach speed, but there are a lot of things a good coach could be doing.


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