May debate over marriage include facts

  • Article by: TERESA S. COLLETT
  • Updated: October 20, 2011 - 8:13 PM

For instance: Sex leads to children, and children need intact biological families.

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blklabOct. 20, 11 8:41 PM

Having children is not dependant on marriage and marriage is not dependant on having children. Your facts just donot make sense. Same sex marriage will not affect your children but divorce will. Maybe We should ban that.

goferfanzOct. 20, 11 8:50 PM

Well written, the fascinating angle to this story is the minuscule demographic involved here. It truly would be like a small sect demanding the definition that the "sun rises in the west also," because of a certain belief. The gay marriage crowd remains an amazingly selfish group, and it really is sad because there is no societal pressure for this demographic to behave responsibly, ie the 2009 stats reveal the 2-3% demographic of MSM were again 60% of the new HIV cases, which in absolute numbers is another 30,000 souls. Very sad statement about our misplaced societal priorities..........

lulubeanzOct. 20, 11 8:58 PM

Interesting how an article that purports to introduce "facts" to support those against same-sex marriage casually throws out several mildly related statistics without any citations to back them up. How about we try introducing some relevant statistics backed by empirical studies? *Children raised by gay and lesbian parents are as psychologically and well-adjusted as those raised by heterosexual parents. ( ( ( * Children raised by same-sex couples have no fundamental deficits in making normal progress through school ( *Experts from mental health associations including American Academy of Pediatrics, the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, the American Psychiatric Association, the American Psychological Association, the American Psychoanalytic Association, the National Association of Social Workers, the Child Welfare League of America, the North American Council on Adoptable Children, and Canadian Psychological Association have come to the consensus that children raised in same-sex households are at no disadvantage in comparison to children raised in heterosexual households. So much for your assertion that "common sense and social science tell us that, most of the time, the best people to care for the child are her mother and father." Seems that empirical social science research would suggest otherwise.

ebfauvelOct. 20, 11 9:28 PM

Ms. Collett: let us also insist that we have *all* of the facts. You leave out many by arguing only that marriage exists for procreation.

Marriage is not required for procreation. Procreation is not a requirement of marriage. We allow opposite-sex couples to marry even when we know that they cannot or do not desire to procreate (or adopt).

Many same-sex couples are raising children. Why should those children be denied the protections that a marriage of the couple raising them would bring?

If you cared about the stability of same-sex couples, and if you really cared about children many of those couples are raising, you would *insist* that those couples marry!

pdxtranOct. 20, 11 9:50 PM

What about heterosexual marriages in which one or both partners is unable to produce children, whether because of some physical problem or because of age? Should they be disallowed, too?

cashncareyOct. 20, 11 9:53 PM

After we permit same sex marriage, we need to permit bigamy. I could use another wife.

venetaOct. 20, 1111:35 PM

As a proudly right wing Republican, I certainly believe in limited government and maximum rights for the individual citizen. However, I do believe that the government has the right to say who may get married, who may have sex with whom, what sort of sex is permitted, who may NOT terminate a pregnancy, what is pornographic, what books are allowed in school, what drugs may be taken for fun, what drugs may NOT be taken for fun, who can be stopped and questioned by the police based on their appearance (skin color) of being legally in this Land of Liberty, who may not serve in the armed forces, who should or should not be in my neighborhood after it gets dark, what sort of religion is ...

RandiReitanOct. 20, 1111:53 PM

Teresa, here is one more fact ...there are gay people in your world. They have been a part of our world long before Minnesota was a territory. It is high time we treat them with full rights and the same dignity that you enjoy. If you are worried about the state of families, please encourage your church to use its vast resources to help those families who are hurting in these difficult economic times. Having been married for 40 years, I know what a beautiful gift it has been to us. I find it hard to understand why you would want to deny such a beautiful gift to any couple. Marriage is a strong foundation for all families. Let us encourage all couples to build on that foundation.

ammunraOct. 21, 11 1:40 AM

I could write a response about how absurd it is to title an essay with the premise of imposing facts and then turn around and base your argument upon a hypothetical, but I'll skirt that and merely pose one question: Why don't we grill heterosexual couples who are going to get married concerning their plans for children as you have just done towards homosexual couples?

tbot2000Oct. 21, 11 6:25 AM

Well, guess my 60 yr old father in law and 60 yr old girlfriend better commit to having children before they get (re)married as the author sites, the only major reason to get married is to have kids. Man, my 80 yr. old grandma and her 75 yr husband - newlyweds - are going to have an interesting time with this! Oh wait.. this is just more pointless "facts" that skew the true "reasoning" some people want to continue to deny gays the right to marry. Shameful.


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