Lulls grab Yeo's attention

  • Article by: KENT YOUNGBLOOD , Star Tribune
  • Updated: October 20, 2011 - 8:21 AM

The Wild coach reacted quickly and early to his team's lapses, calling for his players to maintain maximum effort.

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inyoureyeOct. 20, 11 6:20 AM

When you're average at best and making millions the least you can do is give your all for 60mn, is that too much to expect as a fan?... I think not. Why do we have to hear and read about this all the time... anyone else tired of it? The expectations are too high for this team. Lower them and maybe we can "enjoy the season"

clinto1054Oct. 20, 11 7:36 AM

He does seem to be on the right track. You watch the other "top" eight teams in the league and you do see what he is talking about. They play at a higher level than the Wild does - for now. The talent level may not be where those better teams are at so you really do need to out-work them as much as possible. Mistakes or let downs in the NHL can instantly cost you a goal and/or the momentum. By the time you get the momentum back - if you ever do - it is usually too late. They need a few games real soon here to prove it to themselves, then it will sink in. It is also good to know that there are some hungry players down in Houston that do know how to play his system and will do anything to get back here and stay here.

cabramsOct. 20, 11 8:05 AM

Why are expectations so high? Outside of Heatley and Setagouchi, they did little to nothing to improve the goalie or blue line situation. Backstom has been inconsistent -- he is Mr 5 Hole once again, letting in soft shots. The D has turned the puck over in their own zone too often. They do not have an answer for physical play, Cbuck has been somewhat neutered with the new rules, and our vaunted top line is MIA. High expectations? Not here -- which is why we did not renew our season tickets.

washburnlkOct. 20, 11 8:22 AM

This RA RA, work harder and the "system" will work crap is getting old, and we're only 6 games in. Hockey is a fluid game requiring split second decisions,unlike football with detailed set plays, so system is much less importanat than chemistry between players and their ability to handle their responsibilities. Yeo's major accomplishment was taking a team of impressionable youngsters to the Calder cup finals,and keep in mind that the Aeros had players from the Wild on that team because we were out of the playoffs. If the fans accept the idea that the players are slugs for not working hard enough, this team will implode by Thanksgiving. Remember last year and the end of Lemaires reign ?

uffda57Oct. 20, 11 9:12 AM

I think the team did a good job of dealing with its biggest issue, scoring potential. I expect Heatley and Setoguchi to get it together in the coming weeks, and as they do, it will open up opportunities for the other lines. Right now, the other lines, especially Cullen's line, benefits from opposing teams concentrating on the top line. You can't fix all problems at the same time...there is a limited number of draft picks and money to use. Now that there are some good offensive players on the team or in the pipeline, expect to see work on the D and in goal. The defense is no worse than last year, as Burns was anything but a top-flight D-man, and Barker....the less said the better. Scandella has tremendous potential, and is starting to show it, and Brodin is in the pipeline. In goal, we have Hackett, Kuemper and Endras in the wings, and I wouldn't be shocked to see some money go to a top goalie when Backstrom's contract is up and he is moved.

jericks5Oct. 20, 11 9:12 AM

Wasn't this same article written and published 2 years ago?

BaseballBobOct. 20, 11 9:32 AM

washburnlk ... I am with you on the Ra Ra stuff. But I think you're underestimating the importance of 'the system'. Playing 'the system' became in vogue because of the Europeans dominating influence 40 years ago (namely the Russians). Herbie picked up on it, and then the play on the ice became more about individual responsibility within 'the system'. And of course, players have to 'buy in' to 'the system'. And if they don't work hard and play hard for 60 minutes then even the 'system' can't save you. But mostly you have to have the 'right' players to play 'the system'. Generally, the better teams have a lot of good 'creative' players who 'buy in' and work hard for 60 minutes within the system.

BaseballBobOct. 20, 11 9:34 AM

washburnlk ... I hope you know my previous posting was said 'tongue in cheek'.

knight63Oct. 20, 11 9:39 AM

Sorry folks, but there is not enough talent on this squad to hang w/ the top teams in this league. Its clear when you look at it on paper, and even more defined when you watch them on the ice. They may "hang" w/a better team for a period or two, but thats about it. It is what it is folks. Average, to really, a bit below average, IMO.

KevinskoggOct. 20, 1110:19 AM

It is not true that "talent" alone wins every time. Period, this is fact. Any sort of measure used to judge a team's ability will not be certain. Now when the "abilities" of two teams are separated by a large margin, say like the Edina Hornets playing the Minneapolis Novas, this difference in ability virtually eliminates the possibility of upset. But as the difference becomes smaller, the chance that the poorer team's performance can be superior to its opponent is greater. Individuals do not perform the same in every game, as such neither do teams. But the inconsistancy of the team can be greater than the sum of the parts just as a team's overall performance can be greater or less than the sum of its parts. This is due to the intangibles, including such things labeled as luck, effort, heart, chemistry, systems, confidence, strategy, coaching, etc. These are the things that the director of a team can try to influence and control. But whoever it is, they are going to have the same buttons to push and so of course they are going to say the same things if they fail. They cannot just say we are bad, so we aren't going to try.


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