NFL: Time running out on Vikings stadium

  • Article by: MIKE KASZUBA , Star Tribune
  • Updated: October 19, 2011 - 1:58 PM
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hueylongOct. 18, 1110:03 PM

Remember when MLB was going to contract the Twins? Remember when the Twins were going to move to Charlotte? When we called their bluff, what happened? The NFL and the Vikings are hitting the Minnesota taxpayers with a cheap shot.

ckuhlmanOct. 18, 1110:06 PM

Too Bad, So Sad. What happened to Daytons 'tax the rich' outlook and why isn't he applying that to the Wilfs? The NFL will never let a financially viable team like the Vikes leave this town when a near-collapse team like Jacksonville needs a new home.

aladdinsaneOct. 18, 1110:08 PM

Tired of the carefully scripted extortion. Just leave already. Even if the team stays, it's damaged goods to this community.

cuso26Oct. 18, 1110:08 PM

Get it done. It's now or later and will happen one way or another. If this team leaves, another will eventually show up and the Metrodome will not suffice.

edkohlerOct. 18, 1110:14 PM

The NFL sent a guy in a limo who used to work for Goldman Sachs to the Capitol to demand Wilfare from the public on behalf of a real estate developer in New Jersey. That's just another reason why the Vikings don't deserve $650,000,000 from the public.

starwmlewisOct. 18, 1110:15 PM

I am torn on the issue of the stadium. It does bring in tax dollars, employees people, increases the status of area; however tax increases to pay for it bothers me. Look at the sales tax the was added to downtown Minneapolis to help pay for the Target Center. Information about the loan forgiveness is nearly impossible to find, and also remember the tax still exists.

hueylongOct. 18, 1110:17 PM

No mention of the amount of money the Wilfs will make off the other developments which will occur at the site. I am sure they will bill the state for doing the preliminary development work yet reap all the rewards. This is starting to sound more and more like what happened with the Wall Street bailouts.

DacotaOct. 18, 1110:20 PM

AHA!!! Ziggy speaks with forked tongue!!! Now it comes out that the NFL is probably willing to kick in up to 150 million dollars toward a new Vikings stadium, which would be PART OF THE VIKINGS CONTRIBUTION, so when Ziggy said the Vikings were willing to put up a little over 400 million, he wasn't telling the WHOLE truth. The Vikings are actually offering to put up a little over 250 million PLUS the NFL's 150 million. I'm still in favor of a partially publicly funded stadium because of the incredible tax revenue that would be brought in, but am really disappointed in Ziggy for holding back the NFL 150 million dollar card. How about going half a billion (including the NFL portion) Ziggy and make everybody happy.

dogman_214Oct. 18, 1110:20 PM

Allow the Racino plan, throw Minneapolis a bone for losing the stadium by allowing the Block E casino and get this stadium built. Along with that the states schools and infrastructure could benefit as well. Everyone wins. The political games being played are ridiculous. Do any of our politicians have the seeds to actually do the right thing? Inaction is an action - one they'll feel come election time.

rshacklefordOct. 18, 1110:21 PM

So, who will be the next deliverer of a scare tactic (extortion) after this no-name? Can't wait to see! Start shopping for moving trucks Zygi.


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